2022+ Turbo Levo Suspension and Coil shocks for Gen 3 - Fox 38 vs Zeb


Jul 30, 2020
I use an e storia and it's been great I'm 104kg and i run a 700ib spring. It definitely takes some tweaking but I've got it running amazing now and you aren't snapping that 24mm shaft.


Apr 25, 2020
Danville, CA
Had an inaugural ride today with my Gen 3 custom build and the Push 11.6. Felt great - looking forward to really putting it to the test over the coming weeks


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Nov 5, 2022
Good observations per EXT and the e-Storia @Redders473 and @Ou812 . Thanks. I do want a coil shock. Always 100+kg and shaking my head while trying to dial in suspension. The stock FOX FLOAT X Performance on the Turbo Levo Comp showed its limitations today. New to eMTB bikes, but I jumped into this knowing upgrades were inevitable.


Sep 29, 2019
Ventura CA
So the stock Fox X2 on my Levo is already suffering from cavitation, sounded awful and erratic rebound. So that’s going off to Fox under warranty.

Decided that I’d treat it to a coil, but seems there are only a few options that are deemed suitable for the Levos due to the side stress on a coil shaft.

So yesterday I purchased the EXT Storia V3 from Chris at Mojo. They’ve made some damping changes already to suit the new leverage curve on the Gen 3 - (fromMojo: bit softer on the compression setting but more progressive (more high speed damping) on the rebound settings.)

It should be here next week, I’ll keep this thread updated with progress and Ride reports.

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Try the DVO Topaz 3. It works great.


Sep 29, 2019
Ventura CA
Must to throw in another option that works great and is super duper reliable and I have hammered this shock and I am a very big linebacker size rider. The DVO Topaz shock with a custom tune for me rocks and is holding up to everything I throw at it. Frankly after trying this rear shock I then switched to DVO Onyx SC1 and it blows other shocks away. I spent extra on the custom tune and I have not touched either of these shocks for over a year and half except of for air pressure adjustments. Chatter gone, wash boards gone, speed way up and safety increaesed. I was at very high speed exiting a trail I ride onto a fire ride and came way too fast into a corner from sun into shade and at the corner apex hit a good size 6-8” rock and I was blasted out of control my bike slid and the shocks took over and compresses and kicked me perfectly down the trail. I think the Maxxis Assegai tires were part of this save. I highly recommend DVO over these other brands. I think their technology is superior. I am 250+.

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