2022+ Turbo Levo Fox 38 or Zeb ultimate??


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Apr 21, 2022
Looking to replace the Fox 36 Rhythm on my Levo.

Not sure which way to go, either Fox 38 or Zeb.

I had a 38 performance elite on my Levo expert and whilst it was a good fork to get it feeling good I had pretty much all the setting backed off.

No experience of the Zeb ultimate but had a Lyrik ultimate and found it nice and supportive but again had most of the settings backed off.

It there any point in getting a fork with the better dampers?

I have the zeb ultimate, great fork but suffers from air build up in the lowers If you purge them every couple of rides they are great, the new ones are more like the 38s with bleeders but with an added bonus of the butter cup dampers that should help with chatter shock. Also an actual coil spring in the damper which sounds interesting. I also run the settings backed off. 1 o 2 psi in the air spring make more of difference then the clickers.


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May 2, 2022
West Sussex, UK
As I said here: 2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo - Upgrade to zeb ultimate 170 it’s it overkill ??

Jan 2022 alloy Trek Rails. Moved my upgraded Pike Ultimate (160mm air spring) to my wife's bike, and now have 160mm ZEB Ultimate A2 (MY23) on my bike.

Cannot fault them, soak up rough ground vibration so well that my arthritis no longer complains (I'm a grandfather), and the increased stiffness makes the front easier to control when travelling fast downhill over rough stuff.

But ignore the Rockshox/SRAM Trailhead air pressure recommendation, it is far too high!


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Aug 21, 2022
Simi Valley
I have a ‘22 Giant Reign with a Zeb. My dads bike is a Scott Genius with a Fox 36. Now I know there is much more in play than just a fork difference such as frame manufacture, frame geo, head angle, mullet Vs 29er etc etc.

But one thing I notice is that on fast trails like a fire road with chop. Both bikes feel great on the front end. I would even venture to say that the Fox 36 is a tiny bit smoother and more stable. Now take the bikes to something with rock drops and harder hits and the Zeb shines and gives me more confidence when hitting rougher sections.

Both were equally easy to work on as far as set up goes when tuning them.

I would like to ride a bike with a Fox 38 to feel a comparison but so far I prefer the Zeb 38 over the Fox 36 only because of the performance when the trail gets rougher.

Then again this might just be a mental thing because I’m nowhere near aggressive enough of a rider to push either fork to its full potential.


Sep 29, 2019
Ventura CA
I am a very big rider and I ride pretty fast and I would recommend you check out DVO Onyx which I believe is better than both the options you are considering. It was a game changer for me. Get the custom tune if you are a larger rider. I was blown away by this upgrade, the technology in the fork, and the ride and speed improvement.

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