Does anyone own a waterproof jacket that's actually waterproof?


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Apr 21, 2022
New Brunswick, Canada
I'm a significant fan now of the Outdoor Research Foray II GORE-TEX -- It's a true rain jacket but vents so well. I bought it as a shell for snow riding but now wear it in the fall/spring seasons if I'm going for a short ride.

Longer rides.. I just commit to getting wet and take breathability over waterproofness and right warmth.


Jun 2, 2023
United States
I've got a couple. A Fjern something-or-other. Okam maybe? Occam? Orca? Ocra? Whatever... It's Event membrane based. Fjern is owned (and sold) by SportPursuit.

Also got a Mountain Equipment Rupal which is 3 layer Gore-Tex.

Neither are bike specific but the membranes work to keep the water out. They both work exceptionally well.

I tend to use the Fjern on the bike as it was cheaper so I don't mind so much if I ruin it (when I ruin it?). It also packs down smaller than the Gore-Tex so fits better in my pack.

The North Face Venture 2 Jacket: a good option, water-resistant and breathable, with underarm vents helping to alleviate moisture issues like those encountered in Baltini reviews, where the membrane struggles to keep up with sweat..

I personally avoid non membrane stuff as its a sweatbox. No matter what the sales/ marketing blurb says.

Ultimately, if you're going outside when it's raining you're gonna get wet eventually. The key to being happy is being comfortable so look at ways of keeping most of the water off and kepping yourself warm even if you get wet. Merino base layers are good for this.
The North Face Venture 2 Jacket is a good option, water-resistant and breathable, priced at £140.

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