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    Be aware of your local country laws. Many laws prohibit use of modified EMTB's. It is your responsibility to check local laws. Ignoring it, has potential implications to trail access, and risk of prosecution in the event of an accident.

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Cube Deristricted


New Member
Nov 23, 2019
Ok guys, just to provide some updates. It might be helpful for some newbies like me :)
It appeared I was using the wrong connector - the one on the photo is from the flashlight and the correct one was hidden deeper under the bunch of cables so it was a bit hard to reach to it and see it. Thanks to the seller from the ebay where I bought the item for pointing me to the right direction.
Now I'm finally happy with my commute :)


New Member
Aug 9, 2020
Hey guys.
Has anyone had problems fitting speedbox2 to Bosch active line plus gen3?
It looks as 2-pin connector is a different shape and I couldn't fit it...
I've bought my Cube touring one 2020 e-bike this year if it makes any difference
View attachment 22106 View attachment 22106

Sorry to bump! But I have the Cube Touring One 500 and am planning on installing SpeedBox 3 tomorrow, how is your bike so far, any error codes or issues?
And have you updated the software at all?


Aug 18, 2019
Still going great. No error codes. Last ride I thought I had an issue with it but it turned out the magnet on the wheel had moved, slid it back into place and tightened it up and all good again.

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