1. The cheaper 2025 Orbea Rise M20 and Hydro are here

    The cheaper 2025 Orbea Rise M20 and Hydro are here

    I've been excited to see if Orbea would finally make a full-power bike weighing about 21 kg at around €5k. The answer is finally here and it's ... complicated. The entry level model, the 2025 Rise SL H30 has the old, weaker Shimano EP6 RS 60 Nm motor and the old 540 Wh battery. So, it's not the...
  2. N

    From Mondraker Crafty to Orbea Wild

    Helloo hello I want to transition from my Mondraker Crafty to an Orbea Wild Pretty similar bikes I will try to demo the wild before Hesitating between the alloy and carbon version What are the cons, common problems on the wild ? Is this bike reliable, durable? Thanks in advane
  3. The new 2025 Orbea Rise - my wish come true?

    The new 2025 Orbea Rise - my wish come true?

    A few months ago, I wrote an article about a great bike that didn’t exist and how the Orbea Rise could be that bike. The new Orbea Rise is here, did they hit it out of the park with this one? The Shimano EP801 RS+ motor and bigger batteries Let’s start with what’s possibly the most...
  4. batmantis

    2023 Orbea Wild Rear Axle

    So if you're anything like me, you might find the rear axle on the Orbea Wild a bit annoying. Where its only keyed for an hex wrench on the driver's side and find this generally annoying. I decided to look into axle replacements and found a company called Burgtec. After doing some research, it...
  5. 2

    2023 Orbea Wild - 5ft 10” sizing advice

    Hi all, Apologies as I appreciate this is an age old debate. I’m selling my 2018 Focus Jam2 to buy an Orbea Wild and am hesitating over the sizing. I’m 5ft 10 1/2” (179cm) with a 30” inside (short) leg. The Orbea size chart for a medium ends at 185cm and the large starting at 170cm. My Focus...
  6. 2023 Orbea Wild H10 review

    2023 Orbea Wild H10 review

    The Orbea Wild caught a lot of attention when it was updated for 2023, mainly because the top-of-the line model was a sub 21 kg bike. That’s very light for a full fat emtb. We’re not testing the most expensive carbon version though. We’re sort of testing the opposite model, the heavier Orbea...
  7. Mikecole95

    Update on the Orbea rise m20 with various upgrades now

    A few parts added onto my rise m20
  8. ARParkinson

    Hello from Norfolk, UK.

    Hi everyone! Absolute newbie to the eMTB scene, just got my Orbea Wild M10. Absolutely lovely looking bike, let's hope I can ride it just as well. Hitting some local woods tomorrow for the fine adjustments to the suspension, wish me luck. The little one will be joining me on the Seeker14 from...
  9. A

    Orbea Rise Discount Code for 2023

    Did anyone received an email today 8/1/23 from Orbea.com with a discount code to purchase a new 2023 Orbea Rise? The discount code is for 20% off and it totally works when you apply it at checkout. Thx - E
  10. First look at the 2023 Orbea Rise M20 and the new motor+app

    First look at the 2023 Orbea Rise M20 and the new motor+app

    At first glance, the new carbon Orbea Rise doesn't look new. The frame looks the same and it still comes with a 360 Wh battery. I take a closer look at the bike, a very close look at the motor and a quick glimpse at the app in this video. Check it out or keep reading below. A good amount of...
  11. The 2023 Orbea Rise gets a refresh - new batteries and motors

    The 2023 Orbea Rise gets a refresh - new batteries and motors

    We rode the Orbea Rise M10 and H30 a lot for 2023. The H-series with the aluminium frame was new for the 2022 season, and it got some upgrades over the older carbon M-series. Watch our videos to see what's changed, or keep reading below. Bigger and smaller battery The aluminium frame...
  12. S

    ebike field pairing problems

    I have been trying to get my Garmin ebike field app to pair with my Orbea Rise with my edge 820, but it does not seem to find and pair with the Orbea battery. This is supposed to happen automatically. In fact, my app has stopped pairing with any extra batteries. For some reason my display...
  13. M

    eMTB Realistic Battery Cover Gaps

    Hi everybody, I've read lots of battery cover threads on here for specific bikes but I just wondered what is an acceptable battery cover gap overall. I bought a Orbea Wild H30 and the gap at the top seemed big to me so i went to the shop and they swapped it me. It's a little better but there...
  14. P

    OFFER NOW ENDED - If u want a new 2021- M-Ltd for £8100 or a M-Team at list in UK in days …

    Hi guys n gals, will post a intro in the newbie forum soon, but meanwhile after a long time lurking (for medical reasons) I wanted to join and share what seems like a great deal if u want immediate delivery with a nice discount on the 2021 M-Ltd or full price for the Team in M/L/XL. I think...
  15. L

    Replacement 12 speed cassette advice

    My Wild FS M10 is needing a new 12 speed cassette. I have DT Swiss H-1900 Spline 30c TLR, Boost wheels with a Sun Race CSMZ80 11-51t, 12-Speed cassette at present. Finding a cassette is a nightmare but I can get a Shimano 12 speed 11-51T but will need a DT Swiss Shimano micro spleen 3 pawl...
  16. I Do Blues

    Orbea Rise Videos

    A thread dedicated to posting videos of people shredding (or cruising) on the Orbea Rise. If you have a video that you made or like, I encourage you to share it here.
  17. Z

    Happy NBD to me - Orbea Wild FS H10

    Picked up my Wild FS H10 this afternoon, size Large (I'm 181cm). I had a fair amount of trepidation about sizing and the Orbea not following the current trend of long reach, but after actually riding it on the trail (vs car park tests), I'm really happy with it. I only had chance for a quick 90...
  18. M

    Orbea Rise New Owner - Motor noise - not the clunk

    Hey what’s up! This is actually my first e bike. As a cardio lover and long time mountain biker, I’m a 36 year old who recently got the itch and am super excited about this bike and the future of lightweight e bikes to go further, faster and just have fun! Been having a blast on this thing and...
  19. T

    Orbea Rise Issue

    Hi all, Ive had a Rise for less than a week, amazing bikes, lots of fun. Issue is, the chain ring has snapped, so the fun has stopped. its completley come off the crank, the inner part is still there, mounted to the crank and is still attached, and the whole outta peice has come off. anyone...
  20. Luisprida21

    Thinking About Buying Orbea Wild FS H10 Size SM

    Hi, Im 170cm in height and currently riding a Trek Rail size M. I feel Orbea's reach a bit short compared to the Trek Rail's 445mm vs 430mm. Although I feel size LG is way to big with a reach around 455mm. What do you guys think? Should I just put a longer stem and that would make the job...