1. MateNako

    Reliability of Shimano vs. Bosch?

    I'm sure we've all seen some comments of people stating that Shimano is unreliable motor without any potential service options, but is that really true? Does anyone really have some issues with it on a longer term , and is it true it cannot be serviced? I'm asking real owners not internet specs...
  2. The Sram Eagle Powertrain motor and new battery tech!

    The Sram Eagle Powertrain motor and new battery tech!

    There have been rumors about a new Sram motor all year. And now, all of a sudden, the Sram Eagle Powertrain is here. Check out Robs video for all the info about motor, autoshift and so on. But if you care about battery tech, remember to read the rest of this article. The Sram Eagle Powertrain...
  3. Bosch Performance CX Race - Powerful and versatile

    Bosch Performance CX Race - Powerful and versatile

    The Bosch Performance CX Race isn't a completely new motor any more. But this is our first encounter with this much-talked-about motor. The CX Race is based on the Bosch Performance CX Gen4 motor, which was launched in 2019. The CX Race too delivers 85 Nm of torque, but it is a couple of hundred...
  4. Shimano EP8 gen2 (EP801) first ride review

    Shimano EP8 gen2 (EP801) first ride review

    I had the chance to look at the new Shimano EP8 (EP801). It was a cold and icy day, which wasn't perfect, but it's not like I could decline the opportunity. I try to illustrate how silent it is in my video. Check it out or keep on reading below. Rattle and hum? The test bike is a 2022 model...
  5. Comparing noise from 8 emtb motors

    Comparing noise from 8 emtb motors

    We’ve taken a closer look, or rather listen, at 8 of the motors we’ve ridden lately. This is a comparison of full power emtb motors, yet one of the contenders is the small and mild TQ HPR50 motor. This is the most silent motor we’ve ever ridden, so we included it as a benchmark. Sure, it’s a tad...
  6. WHEN should you stop pedalling to not DESTROY your motor ?

    WHEN should you stop pedalling to not DESTROY your motor ?

    This may sound like an odd question, but it’s an important one as far as your motor is concerned. This article is written more for anyone who owns an ebike with an expired or expiring warranty. We are probably all guilty of riding a bike with a worn wheel bearing or loose bottom bracket for...
  7. TQ HPR50 Review + Trek Central app

    TQ HPR50 Review + Trek Central app

    A few months ago, we tested the new Trek Fuel EX-e 9.9 AXS with the new TQ HPR50 motor. The test was done before the bike launch and the Trek Central app wasn't ready at the time. We noticed the motor couldn't possibly be set to 200% amplification of rider input. Not if we were to trust the...
  8. MrSimmo

    Other Clean your motor and tcu!

    OK so big thanks (again) to Berkshire Bikes who this morning just replaced my motor, tcu, power cable and hmi cable as my bike turned itself into a very heavy brick on Wednesday. Anyhow, I didn't know this. I'm sure its posted somewhere but thought I'd take the time to repost it just in case...
  9. SparkleHedgehog

    Levo Gen 2 RaceCo deserves lots of credit and praise….

    I bought my Levo carbon expert 2nd hand from RaceCo in December and the motor developed an issue after 150 miles. It had covered 1000 miles total. Took it today and they swapped the motor out for a brand new august 2021 model motor there and then whilst I waited. 1.5 hours and I was driving...
  10. Stumpy

    Other Motor issues, what issues?

    As an original owner of a 2018 Levo, like many others, I've been through my fair share of motors under warranty and never worried too much about it as I know Spesh are good to their word and don't quibble over issues. My last warrantied replacement was just over a year ago. Since then, according...
  11. D

    Levo Gen 2 Motor shutting off

    I have a Levo with a 1.2 motor. When putting it in Turbo mode (90 /100) it shuts off after some (short) time...mostly at higher loads. Does anyone have an idea what this might be?
  12. Neeko DeVinchi

    Is BB height and motor placement just as important to consider on emtb's?

    This may sound weird and daft but humour me. I've begun a side project by using my Lyrik 180mm travel forks from my Kenevo on my 2017 Enduro Comp 29. Thankfully, I'm able to squeeze my 29x2.35 Magic Mary into the fork but as I suspected, the BB height has increased (along with slackened head...
  13. C

    Shimano Steps e8000 warranty

    I have a Focus Jam2 6.8 2019 which is currently in the bike shop getting a new motor fitted (Just hit 1300 miles), 3 hours away from where i live because i bought it online and didn't think about the consequences if anything goes wrong with it. I was wondering if when i get it back does this...
  14. E-rik

    Levo Gen 2 LEVO FSR 2018 assistance fails

    Hi all, during the last 2 ride my LEVO FSR 2018 just stops with providing any assistance with battery levels over 50% and in eco mode 30%, when this happens I can not change the assistance level. As I heard about the overheating safety kicking in. I turned off the battery and after about...
  15. P

    Irritating clicking noise (worse under pedal load) on 2020 S-Works Levo - finally solved

    I upgraded my 2018 S-Works Levo for the 2020 model last August and things were going really well until recently when I started to experience a clicking sound. This noise seemed to be coming from around the motor area when putting initial pressure on the left crank. The clicking then started to...
  16. Cannikin

    Unused ports on 2.1 motor?

    I found this on page 148 of the service workbook: Front/rear lights... interesting. And one called "E-Bike". Is this maybe for future functionality where you'll actually turn lights on and off via some switches in the cockpit? Anyone try probing these ports to see if there's any voltage present?
  17. S

    Is Bosch the most reliable motor?

    As the title says, everyone seems to say Bosch is the noisiest motor. But is it also the most reliable? Having perused these forums, it seems people have had problems with their Brose, Shimano, Yamaha/Giant motors. I don't think I have come across posts where people say they had to replace...
  18. Akiwi

    Motor drag? What's all the fuss?

    I am constantly hearing about "Motor drag" and how so many people put so much emphasis on this when selecting their e-bikes. I have been riding e-Mountain bikes for 2 years now. I started with the Focus Jam 2 with Shimano motor for 1 year, and then changed to a Cube 160 Race with Bosch motor...
  19. Downsman

    2017 Levo FSR jangling noise from back of bike at speed

    I have a 2017 Levo FSR purchased 4 months ago, which has had an irritating noise since new. Above about 15mph, a jangling noise is evident from the rear of the bike. At first I thought it was from the motor, but am now reasonably certain it is from something striking the brake rotor. The black...
  20. Rob Rides EMTB

    Bosch 2019 motor - Rumours

    Hi all, Heard that Bosch are developing an all new motor for 2019. Lighter, smaller, quieter and decoupling to remove any friction once the motor assistance has stopped. Given that Bosch are the masters of motors I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Interesting times ahead...