1. Hurrellmc'burrell

    Specialised motor reliability ???

    Hey guys recently went to a bike shop where I purchased my e bike from to have it serviced but while waiting was asking about specialised bikes cause they are such nice looking bikes and the guy who serviced my bike plus the other guy I think he was a manager said that the specialised bikes are...
  2. PeteIOM


    It's funny but the amount of threads I read on hacking/derestricting eMTB to go faster (I have no interest in doing this aside from the legal issues, my battery has enough to cope with) I hardly ever see anyone post warning of invalidating the warranty. Who would spend that kind of money on a...
  3. PeteIOM

    Riding speed

    Do you guys actively aim to sit at a certain speed? I find that on flat the momentum and correct gear allow for fairly comfortable consistent 17mph. When I'm at 17mph what is the motor doing? Also do you use a cadence meter and find it helpful to get the most out of your battery/speed combo?
  4. Sylvain

    BLEvo Z-Works App

    Hi, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the BLEvo Z-Works application. I bought it yesterday night but I did not the have time to try it yet. Better battery usage and smoother power delivery are the two things I hope I'll get with the app. Did you try it? What features do you use? Does the app...