1. Staples27


    Hi all, Newbie here getting lost in endless safari tabs trying to work out what I need. Looking for some help please! I would like to be able to fit the below link with a new headset and stem as I do not like the factory ACROS and cube. However I see a few issues with this, I have cables...
  2. ABMichal

    Cube with Bosch perf. CX 4.gen

    Hi, last 4 weeks im trying to figure out why my bike makes creaking noises (i would say its from crank). First it started i tried all the bolts and the crank arm bolt was loose. Because i didnt know the values i just made it tight (i would assume max 14NM) and well it didnt help. Now as i am...
  3. ABMichal

    Cube with bosch perf. CX 4.gen

    Someone will probably kill me, because this is a “repost” of my post that i made yesterday and no one has answered. So i hope this time someone helps. :D Hi, i still have a problem with creaking crank arm?! Well my bike was creaking a lot and i have checked bolts on motor and they seem fine...
  4. ABMichal

    Cube with Bosch CX 4th gen.

    Cube Bosch - creaking Hi, i have already made 1 post about this problem but i still could not solve it. I have cube hybrid reaction race 2021 with bosch performance cx 4t gen. My main problem is when i do pedal hard sometimes i dont even have to pedal hard but it makes creaking noises. There...
  5. B

    Bigger chainring = higher top speed! Have you had any problems? Bosch Gen3

    He folks, Ok, So I have a Cube Acid One hybrid 2020. It has the 65nm gen 3 motor from bosch fitted. I am travelling mostly on country roads and I'm mostly in the higher 3 gears. At top speed like 28mph (thanks to road tyres being fitted), I feel as if I can go faster but I'm just spinning...
  6. T

    Cube or Fantic

    Hey guys, I have recently been looking into purchasing an E-bike and originally I was drawn to the Cube Stereo Hybrid 160. I'm looking at spending around £5000 which the Cube falls into. With that you get the 750Wh battery and the Bosch motor putting out 85Nm. I've ridden my friends one which...
  7. This is the Cube Stereo Hybrid ONE55

    This is the Cube Stereo Hybrid ONE55

    Since the beginning of emtbs, Cube always had many full suspension models to choose from. The Stereo Hybrid 120, Stereo Hybrid 140 and Stereo Hybrid 160 are still available for 2023. So where does the Cube Stereo Hybrid ONE55 fit in? 150/160 mm travel 29er It fits in just below the Stereo...
  8. 2023 Cube Stereo Hybrid emtb with ABS - who asked for that?

    2023 Cube Stereo Hybrid emtb with ABS - who asked for that?

    I get it, ABS is probably great for commuting. So people avoid having the front wheel sliding out when breaking in turns, or avoid going over the handlebars. But on an emtb? Folks like us, who ride fast on rough trails, we aren't noobs that don't know how to brake. We want the option to lock up...
  9. ForgetfulKid

    New here and new to emtb

    Hii, I’m new to emtb, I love biking so I figured if it a try I just upgraded to a cube 140tm but I think I got the wrong size, im 5.8” but I have a XL frame, also I have some other questions about upgrading the speed I can travel on road
  10. Mroboz

    Cube Stereo Hybrid 750 (2022) - Frame protection

    Hi, I would like to ask your help in the topic as the title shows. I'm searching for a bike frame protection for the mentioned modell. THE SIZE: XL The following options already checked: - Invisiframe (Only M and L available, and they don't know when will they get an XL one) - Chameleon Skin...
  11. S

    New Member: North Vancouver, Canada: Cube Reaction Hybrid EXC E750 Hardtail

    Hey All, Looking so forward to the new bike and getting back into mountain biking. This E-bike revolution has changed things significantly for me and allowed a 50+ year old, over weight guy to get back into something that has been missing since my 20s. I have a young son that is just getting...
  12. M

    2017 cube stereo hybrid headset question

    Long story short. I taken on a new old stock cube stereo hybrid 160 hpc from 2017. These are the external battery type. I need to source a headset for it. Googling the specs for it I’ve come up with FSA Orbit Z-t, Top Zero-Stack 1 1/8" (OD44mm), Bottom Integrated 1 1/2" I’m having trouble...
  13. MrClappers

    Replace rear wheel?

    Hi All, I have a 2021 Stereo Hybrid 160 HCP SL and have a small crack on the rear wheel where they are joined. it was leaking sealant out ever so slightly. I would prefer to replace the wheel than tempt fate riding on it. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good replacement? I was...
  14. H

    Cracked Cube-can you help?!

    2021 Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 Actionteam Cracked upper headtube during normal riding for a bike of this spec, the bike has been with the shop for a month now, they inspected and confirmed that the carbon appears to not have been bonded correctly, also a hairline crack is continuing down the...
  15. C

    Cube Reaction Pro 625 bike - what replacement chain?

    Evening all, I need to replace the chain on my bike soon, Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 625 Mountain Electric Bike - 2021. Can anyone recommend a good replacement? Thanks in advance! CZ.
  16. Dashfield

    Giant Trance E+ Pro 29 3 now or 2021 Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC TM?

    Hi everyone Newbie here :) I've spent a lot of time on the forum over the last couple of weeks doing some research. It's been really helpful. I've been in trail riding for a few years and go regularly with friends. I recently decided to upgrade from analogue to digital as I always really...
  17. A

    Help me choose between two Cube emtb models

    Hi - I've been a road cyclist for 6 years and live in a hilly area. I am planning to switch to e-mtb since there are a lot of great trails around here and would benefit from the motor. I've narrowed it down to two Cube models 1) Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 400 - 2021 2) Cube Reaction...
  18. A

    Need help choosing: Cube, Focus, Spec, Scott or other?

    Hi all! My story: I had a break in riding an MTB bike for about 10 years, after a small accident. As more and more of my friends gets their eMTBs and falling in love with them, I envied them and decided to finally return to this sport, loose some weight, as I grew fat over the years, and...
  19. 5C9F2B85-B354-484D-ADDB-94620508B794.jpeg


    My Cube Stereo Action Team 2020
  20. YellowBits

    Zeb "dropouts" too large Cube Stereo Hybrid 160

    Just got my 2021 Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SL (what a mouthful...) and noticed when removing/fitting the front wheel that the "dropouts" in the fork (not sure if they have an actual name - You know, the machined surface the front hub slots into) is too large for the hub itself. The 110mm width...