2023 Cube Stereo Hybrid emtb with ABS - who asked for that?

I get it, ABS is probably great for commuting. So people avoid having the front wheel sliding out when breaking in turns, or avoid going over the handlebars. But on an emtb? Folks like us, who ride fast on rough trails, we aren't noobs that don't know how to brake. We want the option to lock up the back wheel. And the coolest guys need to lock the front brake to do stoppies and such. Surely, ABS is useless for us!?


I've got just one problem; I haven't ridden a bike with ABS brakes. So, I don't know what I'm talking about. For all I know, stoppies can be done with abs. And looking at the specs of the new 2023 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 and 140, only the front brake gets ABS. Who would have known, we can still lock the back wheel.


Safe and efficient​

Unsurprisingly, Cube have lots of nice things to say about their ABS assisted bikes. The lightweight Bosch antilock brake works seamlessly with the Magura CT Estop brakes. They ensure perfect brake modulation on the front wheel. This results in shorter a brake distance and improved safety. If you don’t care about safety, I guess you could just go faster or brake later.


Two Cube Stereo Hybrids with ABS​

ABS will be available on several Cube bikes, like the Kathmandu and Reaction. I’ll just introduce the full suspension bikes. There are two versions, the Stereo Hybrid 120 ABS 750 and the Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC ABS 750. See these images for prices and specs (in German).

Factsheet_689833_Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC ABS 750.jpg
Factsheet_689823_Stereo Hybrid 120 ABS 750.jpg

Rob has tested ABS​

Rob of emtbforums has tested ABS on an emtb. He says it’s not just a safety-feature, he’s pretty sure he was descending faster on a bike with ABS. Hear all he has to say about ABS in this video.

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nop no hell no. Not even on my motorcycle, mx, enduro and road bike, I dont need nor want abs. Why the hell on bicycle lol