1. The Sram Eagle Powertrain motor and new battery tech!

    The Sram Eagle Powertrain motor and new battery tech!

    There have been rumors about a new Sram motor all year. And now, all of a sudden, the Sram Eagle Powertrain is here. Check out Robs video for all the info about motor, autoshift and so on. But if you care about battery tech, remember to read the rest of this article. The Sram Eagle Powertrain...
  2. Specialized SL 1.2 motor review

    Specialized SL 1.2 motor review

    The new Specialized SL 1.2 motor resembles the old SL 1.1 in a few ways. Both the looks and weight is very similar, and they are both “generous” motors. I find there are two categories of mild emtb motors, they can be generous or stingy. See our motor review or keep reading below. A generous...
  3. Otse

    Finale Ligure for a first-timer

    Before the summer, I made a quick thread about Finale Ligure riding. As it was my first time going there, and the amount of trails felt overwhelming, I figured it would be cool to know if anyone else had similar plans for the summer. Anyway, now I figured I would write up a short follow-up for...
  4. The most popular EMTB brand... in Norway 2023

    The most popular EMTB brand... in Norway 2023

    "Our new emtb is the greatest and we're the best-selling brand". I was occasionally told such things when I was picking up a new bike for testing. But they couldn’t all be the best selling. And no-one really knew. So, I decided to find out. Since 2018, we’ve been doing a simple survey asking...
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    bike tour
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    frey ex
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    coil shock 1470Wh
  8. Christurbo

    Analogue (MTB for the triggered) Fix?

    Has anyone else got an analogue MTB alongside your EMTB - that you actually use!? I have, but I must admit I’ve not used it for many months and have forgotten about it. So tonight I took Pinkie out to do a lap of Llandegla Red and Black trails. She is a Specialized Enduro with c.170mm travel...
  9. Bosch Performance SX first ride review

    Bosch Performance SX first ride review

    My first factory built emtb was a 2013 Cannondale Tramount 1. That was a hardtail with a Bosch Performance 60 Nm motor and a 400 Wh external battery. And now, 10 years later, it seems we’ve come full circle. The new 55 Nm Bosch Performance SX has about the same torque and battery capacity. But...
  10. 2022/23 Mondraker Crafty Carbon - a short review

    2022/23 Mondraker Crafty Carbon - a short review

    Bosch delivered a prototype bike so we could finally test the Bosch Performance CX Race motor. Attached to that motor was a Mondraker Crafty Carbon. The specs don’t correspond to any of the 2023 models, so we’ll just call it the Crafty. Riding this bike reminded us of how much we enjoyed riding...
  11. ItsMeMicke

    Planning my first emtb purchase! 😁

    Hello, Im new here! My name is Micke and have been riding mtb for several years. Started with a Trek xc bike and moved on to a Canyon Strive which I still got. Im planning to get an second bike, emtb! I think Im going to get a Canyon even this time 😀 Greetings from Sweden! //Micke 👍😁
  12. T

    Rail (625Wh) Battery range extender for Trek Rail

    Hello, I ride Trek Rail 9.8 with 625W battery. The bikes are perfect for me, however I'm looking for an option to extend the battery range (similar concept as with Fuel Ex). I understand that Trek does (and will) not provide a solution, however I was wondering if by any chance someone tried to...
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    Wet day at Risca, fine tuning the e-storia
  14. HeavyJ

    Looking for EMTB Groups in Oregon

    I am a disabled rider and professional software/electrical engineer looking for EMTB groups in Oregon that might be working with the state, USFS, and other agencies to open trail access to specifically class 1 EMTB.
  15. T

    Cube or Fantic

    Hey guys, I have recently been looking into purchasing an E-bike and originally I was drawn to the Cube Stereo Hybrid 160. I'm looking at spending around £5000 which the Cube falls into. With that you get the 750Wh battery and the Bosch motor putting out 85Nm. I've ridden my friends one which...
  16. M

    Help me please

    What’s this free hub body called?
  17. This is the Cube Stereo Hybrid ONE55

    This is the Cube Stereo Hybrid ONE55

    Since the beginning of emtbs, Cube always had many full suspension models to choose from. The Stereo Hybrid 120, Stereo Hybrid 140 and Stereo Hybrid 160 are still available for 2023. So where does the Cube Stereo Hybrid ONE55 fit in? 150/160 mm travel 29er It fits in just below the Stereo...
  18. 2023 Cube Stereo Hybrid emtb with ABS - who asked for that?

    2023 Cube Stereo Hybrid emtb with ABS - who asked for that?

    I get it, ABS is probably great for commuting. So people avoid having the front wheel sliding out when breaking in turns, or avoid going over the handlebars. But on an emtb? Folks like us, who ride fast on rough trails, we aren't noobs that don't know how to brake. We want the option to lock up...
  19. Am I a fat guy?

    Am I a fat guy?

    That’s what Zimmerframe on the emtbforums forum asked me. Am I a fat guy? Why would he ask me that? I thought the answer was obvious!? But it turns out it isn’t. So many lightweight emtbs have been launched lately. Are they better than the full fat emtbs? What do I prefer? Am I a full fat or...
  20. Sam Pilgrim abandons Haibike

    Sam Pilgrim abandons Haibike

    As announced today, Pilgs is moving away from Haibike. Honestly, it wasn't a big surprise. Haibike kept discontinuing the ebikes he prefered riding. He did his "worlds first" tricks on the sDuro AllMtn 10.0. A reasonably lightweight, relatively short wheelbase emtb with a 500Wh external battery...