1. Am I a fat guy?

    Am I a fat guy?

    That’s what Zimmerframe on the emtbforums forum asked me. Am I a fat guy? Why would he ask me that? I thought the answer was obvious!? But it turns out it isn’t. So many lightweight emtbs have been launched lately. Are they better than the full fat emtbs? What do I prefer? Am I a full fat or...
  2. Sam Pilgrim abandons Haibike

    Sam Pilgrim abandons Haibike

    As announced today, Pilgs is moving away from Haibike. Honestly, it wasn't a big surprise. Haibike kept discontinuing the ebikes he prefered riding. He did his "worlds first" tricks on the sDuro AllMtn 10.0. A reasonably lightweight, relatively short wheelbase emtb with a 500Wh external battery...
  3. M

    Levo SL Specialised 1.1 motor cranks

    Hey ! does anyone know a company doing aftermarket or custom cranks for the 1.1 motor ?
  4. M

    Levo SL 220mm rotor?

    Hello emtb community. Can you put a 220mm rotor on the rear of the levo sl?
  5. Decathlon_Stilus_V1_EMTB_broken_frame_4.jpg


    Decathlon Stilus V1 broken frame
  6. Decathlon_Stilus_V1_EMTB_broken_frame_3.jpg


    Decathlon Stilus V1 broken frame
  7. Decathlon_Stilus_V1_EMTB_broken_frame_2.jpg


    Decathlon Stilus V1 broken frame
  8. Decathlon_Stilus_V1_EMTB_broken_frame_1.jpg


    Decathlon Stilus V1 broken frame
  9. AstonMTB

    Win a Radon Render eMTB and support my independent review channel!

    Hi guys, I'm new here. Before we start, I'm friends with RobRides, I actually met him at his first Eurobike when he just started his channel - so no need to think I am hi-jacking his review channel, I checked with him first before posting here. A brief intro to me: I was nearly a pro racer...
  10. M

    eMTB Realistic Battery Cover Gaps

    Hi everybody, I've read lots of battery cover threads on here for specific bikes but I just wondered what is an acceptable battery cover gap overall. I bought a Orbea Wild H30 and the gap at the top seemed big to me so i went to the shop and they swapped it me. It's a little better but there...
  11. Snowgoon

    Niner WFO E9 Giveaway

    Have been looking at bikes (browsing this forum and not posting) but I came across a company in California giving away a free emtb. I entered, seems legit. I have been wanting an emtb for a while and figure it is a good time to snag it as I'll get more entries plus they are offering $400 off...
  12. S


    Why we don’t have an Olympia thread mark….this is a 128 years old Italian ma
  13. My first E-bike - Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon

    My first E-bike - Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon

    Just got my first ebike this week, the Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon. Absolutely in love with it
  14. BOTG

    BEST EMTB SingleTrack Trail of the Year 2021 - THE SINGLE BOOT EMTB XC RIDE

    Best emtb single track trail 2021, a MTB trail we are calling 'The Single Boot', named after BOTG (Andy Lunn) & Single track Scenes (Adam Parker). This ride encompasses a lot of what we strive for as mountain bikers, both on traditional MTBs and EMTBs in a Lakes district ride. For the BEST MTB...
  15. X

    California and Baja Mexico desert ebike race series

    Hey all, I’m very excited to announce that we will be putting on a new ebike race series next year!!! This will be a Baja style desert series and will consist of 4 rounds, 2 rounds in US and 2 in Baja Mexico. These will be 100 plus mile races that will give people an opportunity to work as a...
  16. E

    What e-mtb is my bike can someone please help

    It's 8000 watt I was told other then that I wouldnt have a clue what this bike is
  17. J

    EMTB Clubs in Peak District, Sheffield, Matlock or Derby

    Hi Team, I was wondering if there are any EMTB Clubs or group riders who ebike regularly on the eastern side of the Pennines. I regularly ride with a good bunch near home, TNC MTB, if you have heard of em. But now I am looking for a bit more adventure and I was wondering if there are ebike...
  18. D

    First time emtb - build vs buy

    I'm looking for some general guidance as a new-ish emtber. My friend has a Trek 5 and I want to keep up with him. I'll do XC with some light trails, but no huge drops or crazy life-threatening stuff. I've been digging into the Trek specs and discovered that the baseline Trek 5 isn't all that...
  19. 7

    2021 Specialized Levo SL Expert for SALE

    Hi guys, Reluctantly I've decided to sell my 2021 Specialized Levo SL. Apart from the dropper post and cranks, this is a full custom build. Specification and pictures are below: 2021 Specialized Levo SL Expert - Full carbon frame, SIZE LARGE, with Range Extender, adding 50% more range 2021...
  20. Neeko DeVinchi

    Sub £3000 EMTB Spotted 2021

    So in an effort to assist any new riders to EMTB's, I'll do my utmost to update this thread with any sub £3000 EMTB's I spot (online and/or LBS). I encourage all of you to do the same. I'd prefer to keep this thread as brand new emtb's not second hand as warranty is not always transferable...