2024 Scott Voltage eRide – mild yet aggressive

Intended Use
Trail, All Mountain, Enduro
TQ HPR50 50 Nm
360 Wh
Fork Travel
160 mm
Rear Travel
155 mm
17.9-19.5 kg
The age of mild and relatively lightweight, I mean Superlight emtbs, is truly upon us. So many electric trailbikes are being introduced, and most of them are lighter bikes with less battery and power. Scott is now out with their second lightweight bike, the 2024 Scott Voltage eRide. What I find most interesting whenever a new lightweight bike is introduced is seeing which motor it packs.

TQ HPR50 motor​

Scott picked the TQ HPR50 motor on the Voltage eRide. That’s no surprise, Scott is already using the TQ motor on the lighter Lumen eRide. This is a very pleasant motor. The motor power kicks in so carefully, almost unnoticeably. I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment when the motor engages, but as I pedal along, it’s there. And I get a good amount of help as I pick up the pace and pedal faster, in near complete silence. Read my review of the motor for more details. The battery has 360 Wh capacity and it’s fixed inside the downtube.

TQ HPR 50 - 50 Nm motor
Display integrated in the downtube

Motor and shock integration​

I believe there’s another reason why Scott has opted for the small and compact TQ motor. Just like on the Scott Lumen, the Voltage has the shock hidden inside the frame, alongside the motor. Scott needs the small HPR50 to make this work. The lid on the bottom of the frame isn’t for removing the battery, it’s to access the valve and adjustment knobs on the shock.

The Scott Voltage eRide looks so sleek and smooth, I really like the looks of the frame. This 155/160 mm travel 29er looks very much like the Scott Genius. You’d have to be above average into bikes to tell them apart.

The TQ HPR50 motor isn't really visible.

The lid at the bottom of the frame allows access to the shock

Shock access
The frame has room for both a 160 Wh range extender and a bottle cage

Extender and bottle
The Scott Genius and the Scott Voltage eRide are very much alike. Can you tell which is which? The one on the right has a motor.

The Scott Genius and the Scott Voltage eRide are very much alike. Can you tell which is which? The one on the right has a motor.

About the Scott Voltage eRide​

Two of the six models are labled Contessa, which means they’re female specific. Weight ranges between 17.9 and 19.5 kg. That’s not the lightest bike in this category. But that’s not to be expected. This is a relatively long travel bike with a nice and slack 63.9* head angle. The 455 mm chainstay is another indication the Voltage is made for stability and descents. A long rear end contributes to the long wheelbase. It’s as much as 1.285 mm for size Large!


I expect the lightweight Voltage will be quite nimble, but it won’t be anything like the Lumen eRide. The Voltage seems to be burly and stable. And it seems it will be available in April, at least in my part of the world.
  • Voltage eRide 920: £6.099 / €6.599
  • Voltage eRide 910: £6.599 / €7.199
  • Voltage eRide 900 Tuned: £10.099 / €10.599
  • Voltage eRide 900 SL: £11.899 / €12.999
  • Voltage Contessa eRide 910: £6.099 / €6.599
  • Voltage Contessa eRide 900: £6.599 / €7.199

Scott Voltage eRide 920
Scott Voltage eRide 910
Scott Voltage eRide 900 Tuned
Scott Voltage eRide 900 SL
Scott Contessa Voltage eRide 910
Scott Contessa Voltage eRide 920

My take​

Most lightweight emtbs come with less travel, they’re designed to be light, allround, all mountain trail bikes. The Scott Voltage eRide is one of a few more aggressive yet light emtbs. And as always, these light bikes aren't cheap.

Scott Voltage eRide motor and shock integration
Scott Voltage eRide 920
Scott Voltage eRide 900 SL + 160 Wh range extender
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Down to personal taste i guess but both the normal and ebike version look awful. Im amazed scott are still doing these twicloc/triploc?! levers still.