1. The new 2023 Scott Solace eRide - a gravel ebike

    The new 2023 Scott Solace eRide - a gravel ebike

    When talking about emtbs, I automatically think about full suspension bikes. But mountain bikes, or off-road bikes, can be so much more. There are people buying emtbs for more recreational riding, to go fishing in the forest, for transporting or just to spend time in the wild. A full suspension...
  2. colstroid

    Brendan Faircloughs Scott Ransom eRide

    Hey all. I noticed that Brendog has his Bosch display mounted on the downtube by the shock. Anyone tried this? I like the idea for a tidy cockpit but not sure how practical it would be. What's your thoughts?
  3. The new Scott Lumen eRide – introduction and testride of a Superlight emtb

    The new Scott Lumen eRide – introduction and testride of a Superlight emtb

    The Scott e-Spark was introduced all the way back in 2015. It was a full suspension emtb with a 120mm rear suspension and a 130mm travel fork. But this bike disappeared after a few years. Short travel emtbs didn’t really catch on. They were perhaps too similar to the 150-160mm travel bikes...
  4. M

    New bike - Jam2, Genius or even Turbo Levo?

    Hey everybody New member to the forums, but joined looking for help! I’m searching for my first eMTB and can’t really decide witch one.. I haven’t ridden for many years, so I’ll basically start from scratch learning again. The bike just need to tackle the local trails, without a lot of...
  5. A

    Need help choosing: Cube, Focus, Spec, Scott or other?

    Hi all! My story: I had a break in riding an MTB bike for about 10 years, after a small accident. As more and more of my friends gets their eMTBs and falling in love with them, I envied them and decided to finally return to this sport, loose some weight, as I grew fat over the years, and...
  6. S

    Which bike - Rail 9.8, Stereo hybrid 160 or Stilus???

    Hi everybody, i am in a big doubt here.. i am looking for a new bike, my current bike is a 2018 Scott E-spark 710. First i looked for a used demo bike, but Covid-19 has turned the bikeworld upside down, and everything is sold out.. 27.5+ wheels Bosch motor Shimano xt brakes Shimano xt gear 160...
  7. Bearing Man

    Want to know how many miles or km's your Bosch motor should last?

    I thought anyone running a Bosch motor may find this interesting? I have loaded this as a pdf because there are several large photographs showing wear and tear shots from a Bosch Performance Line motor after 20,000 kilometres. What we found was fairly definitive proof of how far one of these...
  8. TINEOM1

    Scott E-Genius 720

    Hi everyone, I bought last week the Scott E-Genius 720. What do you guys think about this bike? Anyone else driving it?
  9. Welshrobinireland

    Here's my new 710 plus.

  10. Welshrobinireland

    Love e mtbs

    Hi all. Been riding my lapierre am 800 since last year and love it. About to take delivery of a Scott e genius 710 which I'm exited about. Lots of haters over here in Ireland but I think they're just jealous. ?
  11. PeteIOM

    Answered 9 speed to 11

    My Scott is Shimano 9 speed. I have a complete XT 1x11 set knocking about... any reason I wouldn't be able to swap it over? I'm guessing the Shimano 9 speed hub can take the 11 speed?
  12. Rob Rides EMTB

    Let’s see your Scott eMTB pics

    Post your beautiful machines in here ;)