The new 2023 Scott Solace eRide - a gravel ebike

Intended Use
360Wh plus optional 160Wh extender
When talking about emtbs, I automatically think about full suspension bikes. But mountain bikes, or off-road bikes, can be so much more. There are people buying emtbs for more recreational riding, to go fishing in the forest, for transporting or just to spend time in the wild. A full suspension emtb might not be the optimal choice for everyone. A gravel bike is a much simpler and more lightweight bike that requires way less maintainance.

c01_SOLACE_eGRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_BIKE_ BY_Markus Greber_HiRes_5794-wp.jpg

A lightweight Scott Solace eRide​

It's no surprise the Solace eRide comes with the compact and lightweight TQ HPR50 motor. We thought this motor was a good match for the Scott Lumen eRide, and we imagine this motor system works very well on a lightweight gravel bike. The light and compact motor helps keep the weight down. The top-of-the-line Solace eRide 10 is just 12.5kg, while the Solace eRide 20 is 13.3 kg. The Solace eRide is also available as a pure road bike, that Solace eRide 10 is just 11.8kg. That's properly light, my first road bike back in 2005 was 11 kg.

c01_SOLACE_eGRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_BIKE_ BY_Markus Greber_HiRes_9256-wp.jpg
c01_SOLACE_eGRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_BIKE_ BY_Markus Greber_HiRes_7520-wp.jpg
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Endurance and gravel​

Some will point out Scott already have an electric road bike, the Addict eRide. The Solace eRide is a slightly longer, more stable and more comfortable bike, an "endurance bike". The road version of Solace has a front derailleur and lightweight components, the gravel edition has just one chainring and burlier tyres.

2023 Scott Solace eRide 10 road edition

2023 Scott Solace eRide 10 road edition

Good range​

Such a lightweight bike does of course not have a big battery. The TQ battery capacity is 360Wh. We expect good range from this small battery. A gravel bike pedals more efficiently than a burly full suspension bike. We often find ourselves doing more than 25kph on bikes such as the Solace, then the motor isn't active. This is of course great for battery consumption. There is very little internal resistance in the TQ HPR50 motor, so the Solace should be fine riding without assistance.

c01_SOLACE_GRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_Ebike_photo_by_Michal Cerveny_111.JPG
c02_SOLACE_GRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_Ebike_photo_by_Michal Cerveny_061.JPG
c01_SOLACE_GRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_Ebike_photo_by_Michal Cerveny_083.JPG

Still, there are situations where a big battery comes in handy. You will of course want to use the motor if you're out all day doing centuries on your new ebike, or if you're doing a lot of climbing. The Scott Solace eRide has room for two bottle cages in the frame. One cage can be replaced with a 160Wh extender battery for increased range.



The top of the line Solace eRide 10 comes with great components such as the carbon Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels and Sram Force AXS wireless gears. The Solace eRide seems a more sensible choice. It's got nice components such as carbon handlebars and the wireless Sram Rival eTap AXS.
  • Solace eRide 10 Gravel: €9.999
  • Solace eRide 20 Gravel: €7.999
  • Solace eRide 30 Gravel: €5.999
  • Contessa Solace eRide 15 Gravel: €5.999
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solace 20 specs.jpg
solace 30 specs.jpg
contessa solace 15 specs.jpg

c01_SOLACE_GRAVEL_2023_SCOTT_Ebike_photo_by_Michal Cerveny_105.JPG
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Is this really the type of thing Roadies would go for ?
I'd say roadies would go for the Addict e-ride, or similar road bikes if they were inclined to get an extra boost. the bike above is a gravel bike

interesting motor on the gravel, it looks tiny