Weight gain from EMTB


Oct 10, 2020
Nope, not buying it. You mean to tell me if you put an emtb and an analog mtb on the same trail for 2 hrs, that the eeb can burn as many calories as the analog? You cant believe this. Im not talking about with the motor off because thats just dumb. Its illogical to put in the “same effort” when there is pedal assist.

Look, I love my ebike as much as anyone here. But the workout isnt the same. Yes, you can still maintain weight or even lose weight (switching from an analog to an eeb) with an ebike IF YOU:

1. Cut calories
2. Eat healthier
3. Workout more
4. Ride longer
5. Etc, etc, etc

But 1-5 above are all in additions to the previous, which is just riding an analog.
Actually, almost any sport will burn almost the same calories an hour if done at similar intensity. It's your capacity to do aerobic stuff


Oct 10, 2020
I agree that if all things were equal, same weight bike, same rolling resistance, same time and same distance, you would burn more calories on the bike that didn't have a motor assisting you. You would also burn more calories if you ran that same distance than you would on a normal bike. A bike is just a form of mechanical assistance, same as the motor on and Ebike.
I think that the point that other are making is that in the real world you are likely to do more distance in that same timeframe or have more motivation to ride more often because it's more enjoyable and you can do more challenging rides that weren't possible on a normal bike. If you want to be lazy, you can do that on any bike, just the same as if you wanted to push yourself physically, there's no reason why you can't do that on an Ebike.
Just remember that Motorcross is one of the most physical sports around and there's no pedalling at all. A motor does not automatically equal no exercise.
It's either same time or same distance. On an e bike you will ride more distance in an hour, but burn the same calories


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Dec 4, 2020
Wilts, UK
I ride about twice the miles on my analogue Enduro as I do on my Trek Rail.

If I'm riding with friends where everyone's on an ebike and going hard I still find my average heart rate is about 10-15 bpm lower than on my Enduro. I'm not 100% sure why, but my theory is that the technicalities of the trail don't let me go as flat out because of the higher average speed. Skill and technicality get in the way. The ebike definitely gives me a better upper body workout though.

So yeah, I have sympathy with the OP. Getting an ebike let me keep up, and then get fit enough to ride analogue with the fast group of friends I hang out with now. Regular bike rides are more strenuous than ebike rides, but probably only because other factors come in to it.

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Sep 26, 2022
Actually, almost any sport will burn almost the same calories an hour if done at similar intensity. It's your capacity to do aerobic stuff
exactly, that's the point.
I noticed that on EMTB is harder to keep the same intensity...
yes, you can do that, but you have to focus a lot. I had intense rides, but some of them are less.
maybe because non-stop climbs are shorter? dunno.
This is from my experience, I ride my Levo for 6 months, on different modes, different intensities, I can easily reach >90%mHR on techy climbs.
Also I do 2500m elevation on my analog Transition Sentinel (160/150mm travel) and burn 4kkcal (I weight 73kg)
It's the same with a road bike, training is better, because i'm able to execute better intervals. Steady power for some time (possibly longer, like 15-20 mins)

but calories=calories of course, doesn't if it was ebike, bike, rowing or playing chess
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