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steps unlocker


Aug 15, 2018
In my experience, to change the market from EU to US, yes. It worked immediately.

I haven't tried to completely de-restrict, or change wheel circumference. If I do, I'll report my experience!


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Sep 27, 2019
If I use the steps unlocker on my e8000 system and don't make any changes, will it void the warranty just by connecting it? The thing I am most interested in is the battery % after a ride. Right now I can only see the battery level with the bars on my display.


Sep 8, 2019
I’m pretty sure that simply connecting Stunlocker to your bike is undetectable by Shimano should you subsequently have to return your drive unit under warranty.

However there has been some discussion on this forum and elsewhere where users have had repair/replacement requests rejected by Shimano where the latter has stated that the drive unit has been tampered with. In some instances I suspect that the unit was returned to the manufacturer with some unauthorised non-standard setting still present i.e. an EU drive unit set to the US market setting. Also there appears to be some evidence that Shimano are sometimes able to tell if the device has been run beyond its spec, perhaps via internal data logged by the drive unit - the maximum speed reached by the system figure (which can be viewed, but not adjusted, using the Android version of Stunlocker) is particularly suspicious.
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