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  • Bonjour j'ai acheté 2 vélo électrique scrapper exc4 avec un moteur ananda m80 est ce que vous avez un logiciel pour moi.
    Hi, I just purchased the license to use with a PCE1 to derestrict the speed. I've managed to change it to US 32kmh, all working perfectly. However, when I changed the wheel size to 2100 from 2300mm the motor does not go above 32kmh. Any idea how to fix this? My setup is:
    2022 Rise M20, EP8
    Windows ST Unlocker with premium license
    Shimano PCE1
    Hey Vadll, is the st ride app also available for wear os (like samsung watch5 or google pixel watch)?
    Until now i just read about apple watch.

    I’ve just downloaded the Stunlocker app to IOS16 iphone. I have a Orbea Rise M10 with EP8RS. And would like to set the power figures to original values. But when trying to do that the app crashed. Am I doing something wrong?

    (as I changed the bike to US spec it went to 500W in all modes).
    Nice an update today that fixed my problem. Back to RS mode and even E-tube app worked as usual. Thanks!
    vadll, comprei licença para desbloquear o motor EP8 Orbea Rise e penso que todos os passos do seu manual, mas estou com dificuldade, já experimentei Telegram e por faz iFunBox, tenho tutorial Youtube que mostre como se existe aplicação , obrigado
    Hi Vadll, I have an ebike with Shimano E-8000, I would like to unlock the maximum speed. I have read your guide with ST Unlocker but I don't understand how to connect the ebike to the computer. Can you help me? Thank you
    Hi. I have a question for you, I have an e7000 motor and a Shimano SC 5000 display. my goal is to move from Europe to the United States.
    Since the SC 5000 has no Bluetooth connection, it wants to borrow the SC 7000 display from a friend, connect via the Android app and switch the zone. Then he wants to reconnect his SC 5000 you think that the zone change data will be saved in the controller.
    I also have a question if I will be able to connect to the application with only the SC 7000 display itself without the afterburning mode shift lever. Additional question, where in the application can I find a place to change the zone or you can send a photo.
    Best regards, David
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