shimano e8000

  1. W

    Shimano e8000 dead motor= decision time

    Hi 2 months after warranty expired experienced 4 instances or E010 on 5th instance motor would not restart. LBS have inspected it and confirmed it is torque sensor which according to them means a new motor. Bike has covered just under 1000 miles, only sees water when going through puddles as I...
  2. Darian

    Shimano rejected warranty

    Hi guys, advice please.... Story goes....i have sent my YT Decoy back because of faulty bearings. But Shimano refusees to change the motor because i have mounted aftermarket lamp and cabel of Lightmove se 150 (has shimano compatibility and all kind of certifications and rewards). Also when i...
  3. AngelosVancouver

    E8000 battery falling off.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had an issue with their internal battery unlatching from its mount after a big hit. I have a Devinci AC with an E8000 motor with an internal battery.
  4. M

    Shimano e8000 casing

    Hi, I’ve somehow managed to break the round metal cover as all the brackets have snapped on the chain ring side if the motor, does anyone know the best place if trying to find replacement? Tried local dealer but weren’t particularly helpful Due to covid restrictions plus due to it being outside...
  5. BenroTV

    2020 E-Sommet VRX Video Review

    Also posted in the General section of the forum. Hi all, Check out my review of the Vitus E-Sommet VRX. I'm also promoting my business Ebike Adventures so likes and subscribes would be very much appreciated. And if you would like to try out an E-Sommet or E-Escarpe in Snowdonia when the...
  6. Janc

    Shimano e8000 E10 Error

    Meta Power 29 2019 - Anyone else had problems? Mileage almost 500miles. Bike was stored for 2 months (in dry warm garage with battery out and 100% charged). 15 minutes into ride first E10 error. Rebooted, then happened 3 more times on ride every 4 to 8 minutes. It was a road ride all in Eco...
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    Engine cover.
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    Engine cover.
  9. WP_20190311_012.jpg


    Engine cover.
  10. WP_20190311_014.jpg


    Engine cover.
  11. WP_20190311_009.jpg


    Engine cover.
  12. WP_20190311_008.jpg


    Engine cover.
  13. WP_20190305_040.jpg


    shift control Shimano Deore XT DI2 SW-M8050-L Switch left
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    Battery charger
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  17. 1Nixxxo

    Hi from russian white bears and Ushankas)

    I ride a bit modified “mallet” Merida eOne-Sixty M#RIDA with 29 wheel on front and Offset bushing in the bottom eyelet. Seems to me that I successfully recreated 2020 geometry and totally recommend this setup! I’m planning to start motor repair business in Moscow cause we do not have any...
  18. Jaygam

    Answered Shimano E8000 hardwired lights

    Hi, I have made a light for my bike and printed a discreet bracket, it works really well, is aestheticly pleasing and for the £3.67 it cost is impressive. One consideration is that it's a usb 5v light, that is easy to overcome by putting a decent diode in line the voltage will drop enough to get...
  19. commencalmetapowermotorstand.jpg


    Commencal e8000 motor stand
  20. dirt huffer

    Shimano motor stand

    Lunch boxes make a good bike stand ?