1. 2024 Canyon Strive:ON CFR review

    2024 Canyon Strive:ON CFR review

    There’s been much talk about the Canyon Strive:ON CFR that was launched in May this year. It ended up taking months for Canyon to ship a demo bike to Norway, so I was left wondering; what was so great about this bike? Watch the video or keep on reading below. So many Canyon emtbs Did Canyon...
  2. The 2024 Canyon Torque:ON CF finally gets the EP801 motor

    The 2024 Canyon Torque:ON CF finally gets the EP801 motor

    The new Canyon Torque:ON CF was introduced earlier this year. But, as opposed to the new Spectral:ON CF/CFR, the Torque:ON was equipped with the old Shimano EP8 (EP800). Canyon said the Torque:ON was designed to use the new EP8 (EP801), but they never said when that would happen. It was...
  3. Pmdempsey

    I’m new to the Forum.

    Hi everyone. Just started riding eMtb’s this summer. I live in Truckee/Tahoe area in California and am loving all the trails. I ride a Canyon Spectral On and already have 1000 miles on it. I’m posting my rides with info on the trails in Tahoe on my YouTube channel here. Let me know if your in...
  4. 2024 Canyon Neuron:ON CF 9 review

    2024 Canyon Neuron:ON CF 9 review

    We've ridden mid-travel bikes before that were very similar to the more common 160mm travel bikes. Comparable weight, similar geometry, same wheels. And we've wondered; why? What's the upside of going mid-travel if you get the same bike, only less capable? Then there's the cheap mid-travel...
  5. The new Canyon Neuron:ON CF - a Spectral-light?

    The new Canyon Neuron:ON CF - a Spectral-light?

    The old alloy Canyon Neuron:ON was a 130 mm travel bike for lighter trail duty. A relatively lightweight bike with 29er wheels that was comfortable on longer rides. The new Neuron:ON CF offers 140 mm suspension travel, 10 mm more than the previous model. The letters CF indicate the new bike has...
  6. ItsMeMicke

    Planning my first emtb purchase! 😁

    Hello, Im new here! My name is Micke and have been riding mtb for several years. Started with a Trek xc bike and moved on to a Canyon Strive which I still got. Im planning to get an second bike, emtb! I think Im going to get a Canyon even this time 😀 Greetings from Sweden! //Micke 👍😁
  7. What's app with the 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON refresh?

    What's app with the 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON refresh?

    Canyon just can't stop. Three new bikes last week weren’t enough, now they release another one. But is it really new? Look closer. Even closer... No? The new Spectral:ON has a longer fork! That's not much of an update. And I find it a bit funny, Canyon now offer bikes with 160, 170 and 180 mm...
  8. Canyon Strive:ON - An aggressive, enduro EMTB with outstanding performance

    Canyon Strive:ON - An aggressive, enduro EMTB with outstanding performance

    The 2024 Canyon Strive:ON is an e-Enduro bike which raises the bar with its 170mm front travel and 160mm rear wheel travel. It's the first Canyon electric mountain bike to use the Bosch CX motor and this model uses the newer integrated System Controller. It also features up to date enduro...
  9. 3 new Canyon emtbs are out – and a Strive:ON video

    3 new Canyon emtbs are out – and a Strive:ON video

    Canyon take emtb releases to a new level. They’re launching three new 2024 emtbs in one go. There’ll be just a short segment about the Grand Canyon:ON at the end of the article. We’re here for the full suspension bikes, the properly updated Torque:ON and the new Strive:ON. We had a Strive:ON on...
  10. M

    St unlocker problem

    Hi all I need help with st unlocker!!! I’ve got a canyon spectral on 8.0. E8000 I have down loaded app and can connect via Bluetooth but can’t quite workout how to down grade firmware. Obvs I’m looking for the market change to US but it won’t let me unless I’m missing something obvious??? Do I...
  11. TFSkeleton

    Opinions welcome

    Hi all, Not rode a MTB/E-MTB in about 10 years, now i've settled down a bit looking into getting back into (bad timing, i know) I'm 6ft 2 and weigh less than 10 stone and mainly riding single track and trail riding. probably venturing more into technical as time goes on. I was looking heavily...
  12. IMG_1115.jpeg


    Maxxis Skinwall tires.
  13. RazorBlade

    Newb to EMTB

    Hi all, I'm going to joining the EMTB Fold shortly I have just pulled the trigger on a Canyon Neuron:ON 9.0 Hopefully in will land mid July. Before this I have had various standard MTBs my most recent being a Trek X-Caliber 9 , so I'm moving up? to full suspension and EMTB as well. I'm a big...
  14. D

    What should i do?

    Ive recently got a canyon neuron on which has a removable battery. When i lock my bike up should i remove the battery or leave it in? Which ones safer? Many thanks Dan
  15. N

    Vitus vs canyon ebikes

    Hey there ppl of the ebike forum Was thinking to get my self an e bike There is two bikes I think off the Canyon spectral on 8.0 150/160 mm Or the e sommet vr 160/170 mm I like the sommet more because of the longer travel What will be better on aggressive trail /enduro riding? No review on the...
  16. Gary


    Found the forum after a recommendation from a pinkbike thread. Hadn't realised but I'd also already watched review videos by Rob the owner.
  17. Gary

    Does anyone actually have a Canyon Spectral:ON yet?

  18. Theolegit

    27.5 2.8 and 29 inch wheels

    Hi all, I see canyon have gone for 27.5 plus at the the rear and 29” frount, anyone considered this on their Levo? Thoughts please
  19. Iain at the back

    Direct sales issues?

    Having looked at the offerings from many bike manufacturers, it appears that the direct sales companies offer a far better value for money with regard to specification. I also see that there is a growing community on here of Commencial Meta Power owners and it made me think that if you run into...
  20. Eckythump

    Canyon Spectral:ON - New arrival as hinted on EMBN.....

    New arrival on the scene as hinted at by EMBN interviewing Fabian Barel..... First Ride Review: Canyon Spectral:ON - Fashionably late or left behind? | E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine