3 new Canyon emtbs are out – and a Strive:ON video

Shimano and Bosch
Canyon take emtb releases to a new level. They’re launching three new 2024 emtbs in one go. There’ll be just a short segment about the Grand Canyon:ON at the end of the article. We’re here for the full suspension bikes, the properly updated Torque:ON and the new Strive:ON.

We had a Strive:ON on it’s way, but it seems shipping to Norway isn’t easy. We didn’t get the bike, but Rob of emtbforums did, check out his video for the details and ride review. He’s stoked about the bike. Keep reading below for my angle and the other models.

Canyon Strive:ON CFR​

So, let me get this straight. Canyon already have the Spectral:ON with 155 mm rear travel. Do they need one with 160 mm too? This new bike is a 160/170 mm travel full suspension emtb rolling on mullet wheels.

The Strive:ON doesn’t overlap too much with the other Canyon models though. This bike is more enduro (eEDR) racing focused. And it’s fitted with the Bosch Smart system! The choice of motor system alone is enough to separate the Strive:ON from the electric Spectral and Torque. Some people have their favorite motor and are hesitant to consider other brands.

The 2023 Canyon Strive:ON CFR Ltd

The 2024 Canyon Strive:ON CFR Ltd
Canyon Strive:ON CFR

As the Strive:ON is designed for e-enduro racing, the rear suspension has a slightly different tune to the Spectral and Torques :ONs. This bike has a bit more Anti-squat for better pedaling efficiency. This could mean increased pedal kickback, but Canyon insists it’s just a minor increase in pedals kicking, especially deep in the travel. Also, the suspension ramps up a bit sooner than on the two afore mentioned siblings. Just as expected on a race bike that requires a bit of pedaling.

Strive:ON Anti Squat
Strive:ON Pedal-kickback
Strive:ON Leverage ratio

Motor system​

Being a Bosch-bike designed for racing, it’s of course available with the punchy Bosch Performance CX Race motor on the top-of-the-line Strive:ON CFR Ltd. It appears there is a trend here, all Bosch CX Race powered bikes seem to include Ltd in their names. It makes sense, the CX Race motor is produced in limited numbers. You have the choice of 625 or 750 Wh detachable batteries. That’s good I think, it gives you the option to save a bit of weight and money by going 625.

The Ltd model with the Bosch Performance CX Race motor

The Ltd model with the Bosch CX Race
The Bosch Powertube 625 and 750 batteries
Powertube 625 and 750


If you know Canyon, you know the non-assist Strive comes with the Shapeshifter on-the-fly adjustable geo. You might be disappointed, or relieved to hear the :ON has no Shapeshifter. The Strive:ON has the power and range to be quick uphill. No need to shapeshift the bike into a more efficient pedaler. And then there’s the minor issue of space. The big battery and motor take up some real-estate where the Shapeshifter links would go.

Canyon Strive:ON frame geometry
170 mm forks

The steep 78* seat tube angle helps with a forward rider position when climbing, the same angle as the Shapeshift-bikes in climbing mode. Head tube angle is nice and slack at 63.5*. The 1.304 mm wheelbase is long for a size L. Considering the chainstays are relatively short at 445 mm, this means the front end of the bike is long. Reach a generous 500 mm for the L frame. Paired with a 40 mm stem, the handlebars aren’t as far forwards as you might assume. The 25 mm bottom bracket drop isn’t a lot. I would assume pedal clearance is more than enough, at least for my preference.

Everyone loves an underdog​

The Strive:ON is only available with their most expensive CFR frame tech, so you would assume it’s going to be expensive. While the three Strive:ON models are more expensive than some of their other emtbs, I’d say the price is surprisingly low. Especially for the Underdog, the entry-level model. That’s a Fox Rhythm 38 and Deore specc’ed bike, which is acceptable for me, especially at €5.799 / £5.499!

SPecs for all 3 models
The Canyon Torque:ON CFR Underdog
Strive:ON CFR prices

Canyon Torque:ON refresh​

A refresh doesn’t sound as exciting as a brand-new model. But I’m just as excited about this bike. Check out that rear suspension rocker! And I guess Canyon couldn’t decide whether the top tube or seat tube was the better location for the shock, so they slapped it on the downtube instead!

Canyon Strive:ON CFR
Mindbending kinematics
Strap-on waterbottle

Bike manufacturers usually don’t fill the main frame triangle with suspension bits, it leaves no space for a water bottle. We’re used to having the water bottle cage on the seat tube or downtube. But no, Canyon decided the top tube was a better location. And it’s not just any bottle, only their new triangle shaped bottle will fit. I like it! It’s interesting studying the details of the bike and finding unusual design choices.

Ken Rozen decided the Rozen model should be red.

MX rider Ken Roczen decided the Roczen model should be red

Still Shimano​

With the Torque:ON CF, Canyon is sticking to the Shimano EP8-motor. They're using the original EP8 (800), not the new EP8 (801). Canyon emailed me and said.

"The new Torque:ON CF comes with Shimano's EP8 drive unit due to low availability of Shimano's emerging motor update. We didn't want riders to have to wait to enjoy our all new Gravity EMTB"

Thankfully, the EP8 (800) was updated not too long ago. It received some of the internal components from the EP801, resulting in a more silent motor. We've ridden one of the "new" EP8 (800) motors and found the rattling noise while coasting to be much lower.

The water bottle with cage and strap is €29.95, for just the bottle it's €19.95
Something else
The battery slides out at the bottom

Going Shimano allows Canyon to use their own in-house batteries at 720 or 900 Wh. These batteries can be removed by sliding them out the bottom of the down tube, right next to the motor.


Much to my liking, Canyon ups the chainstays by 10 mm from the Torque:ON AL, to 445 mm. I think this is a good figure that should balance stability and nimbleness of the bike. And the rest of the figures too are fairly similar to the Strive:ON. The same 63.5* head angle, 500 mm reach, 77.5* steep seat tube angle and a 1.306 mm wheelbase for size Large. When Canyon let Fabien Barel decide, they get tall front ends. Stack height is 657 mm on the Large, a bit taller than the Strive:ON. Looks good to me.

Torque:ON CF Geometry
180 mm travel forks

Not a racer​

The Torque:ON always was their freeride bike. A bike made for shredding and going sideways through turns and over jumps. Have they dialed down the shred-DNA by increasing the chainstay-length and going mullet wheels? I don’t know, probably not much. It’s still the same long travel bike that prioritize a well tracking suspension over pedaling efficiency. To me, the new Torque:ON CF looks a tad more versatile than the old Torque:ON AL though.

Bigger bamboo, that's the color of this Torque:ON CF

Bigger bamboo, that's the color of this Torque:ON CF

No underdog among the Torques​

As with the Strive:ON, this new Torque:ON CF is available in 3 models. All with a carbon frame. But the Torque gets the cheaper CF carbon frame. The old alloy Torque:ON will live on for 2023. Here Canyon went with their regular names, Except for the top-of-the-line model that is called Canyon Torque:ON CF Roczen. That's a surprising name, not for an MX rider named Ken Roczen, but for an emtb. Weight looks good for all models considering they come with big batteries. All models are just over 24.5 kg according to Canyon.

EU Prices
Torque:ON CF specs

And the Grand Canyon:ON​

I’ve ridden emtb hardtails, I think the last time was in 2020. They are of course still around, and they are great bikes for lots of people. They require much less maintenance and will still get you deep into the forest, or high up in mountains.

Canyon Grand Canyon:ON
The Grand Canyon:ON has converted to the Bosch Smart System motors and batteries.
A kickstand.

This bike is different to the old model much because of the motor. The Grand Canyon:ON too gets the Bosch Smart system motor and battery. Chose between a 625 or 750 Wh battery on the entry level model, depending on whether you prefer a light bike or a light wallet. It comes in 4 models. The most expensive one has an ABS front brake.

Grand Canyon:ON specs
Grand Canyon:ON prices
Grand Canyon:ON geometry
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Yeah, it's a shame they didn't do a version of the Strive with Fox Factory, but I'm seriously considering the CFR... need to watch the reviews...