1. Shimano EP8-RS motor for lightweight emtbs reviewed

    Shimano EP8-RS motor for lightweight emtbs reviewed

    The Shimano EP8 is a 2.65kg and 85Nm motor that is used on many full power emtbs. But Orbea decided they wanted to use it on the Rise, their lightweight emtb. The Orbea Rise was released with a 360Wh battery. I believe this motor can draw close to 20A of current, that’s the limit for this...
  2. M

    Replacement Shimano plastic charging port cover cap

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement charging port cover cap for EW-CP100 please? Mine has snapped off, I think Shimano ref is y7gw00011 can only find them in a couple of random shops in italy.
  3. TorqeyOn:9


    Hello i'm new here. Just looking to find out if i can fit a Sram GX DUB crankset to a shimano EP8 motor. It currently has stock shimano eMtb cranks with the chainring lock ring that needs the tool LRT2. Will the GX crankset fit straight in or is it not compatible? Thanks👍🏼
  4. T

    Shimano EP800 with BT-e8016 Power trouble.

    Hello I recently bought a bike with a BT-e8016 battery.(EP800motor, BT-E8016 Batteries, BC-E6000 charger) There are two batteries. This is a battery that was born in April of this year. When I first drove with a half-charged state, I rode satisfactorily. The next day, after fully charging at...
  5. swiftpaws

    Unanswered Shimano SC-E7000 Garmin

    Hey, I have a bike with * Shimano EP8 * Shimano SC-E7000 Currently I am using a Garmin FENIX 6 and would like to know if it would be possible to collect&log data like support level and battery % into garmin connect & later strava? I have looked at a few threads and from what I can see most...
  6. Gw0175

    SX Race 2021 clunk noise?

    Afternoon guys, over the last month my bike has started making a clunk/click noise when the motor is engaged and only when pedaling applying pressure going uphill. I'm not the techy type so wondered if anyone could pass on advice as to what it may be? Initially I've thought the freehub or...
  7. T

    Shimano E8000 Cluck when motor Disengages.

    I have a 2020 YT Decoy with 711 miles. There has always been a clunk when Motor engages(normal). Now I get a similar clunking sound when I stop pedaling. It just started this weekend. Has anyone experienced this. If motor is off and I ride the bike it does not make the sound. Performance still...
  8. ShredOfBread

    Shimano E8000 clicking noise

    Motor has like 3000 miles on it but developed somewhat clicking noise which occurs under load (going uphill also happens with motor turned off when you step on the cranks). What seems to be the problem? Is it just cranks/chainring, Torx mounting bolts or something more serious inside the motor...
  9. Pasho

    New Bike. Problem with Shimano speed sensor W101

    Hi All, Got Vitus E-Sommet VRS for my wife, arrived new few days ago. Awesome bike, but there is an issue with Shimano Steps system. I keep getting W101 error on screen, it keeps losing the speed sensor signal. This cuts out the assist. For a minute it works fine, then stops, then might come...
  10. VWsurfbum

    Santa Cruz Heckler Speed Sensor Replacement

    Hi all, When I was looking around for a tutorial for changing a failed speed sensor on my Heckler, I couldn't find anything. So here's my walk-through videos that might be of use to some of you? Part 1 Part 2
  11. K

    Tiny issue with displaycable on a brand new Spectral:ON

    Hi, finished setting up my bike and struggle a bit with the cable on the «Shimano Steps SC-EM800 Display» The plug that comes loose just wont stick in there so i have to add a tiny bit of pressure to make the display start but its shutting down right away when i release that little pressure. Im...
  12. WheelBased

    Shimano's Wireless Twist-Grip with a Joystick

    Hi Everyone, I wrote an article about a new wireless twist-grip that Shimano are developing. It's configured to change gears, adjust a dropper, and adjust your suspension without taking your hands off the grips. It's a pretty cool idea and supports the assumption that Shimano are coming out...
  13. 2

    USB Charging Port for Phone or Mobile Device on eMTB Tube

    I've only seen Canyon bikes implement a USB port on the top tube for charging peripherals. I use my iPhone as a nav device and I wish my eOne Sixty had this option!
  14. Andres JT

    Shimano E8000 "clanking" sound after freehubbing - 2020 Canyon Spectral ON

    Hello everybody. I bought my 2020 Canyon Spectral ON this past November 2020. I love the bike, it handles really well and I am getting used to going downhill on my first eBike. I have about 400 kms on my bike and I am beggining to hear a lound "clanking" sound after I freehub for a while and...
  15. F

    Bosch CX gen 4 vs Shimano EP8

    Hey Guys, Had a bit of a search around but couldn't find a thread that directly compared the 2 motors. I'm interested in people who have had experience with both as to which motor they prefer over all. From what I've been reading the Bosch definitely has a much more punchy power delivery, but...
  16. GOSBTS

    How long before you change your bike?

    Hello, I have a META POWER RACE 2019 , which is a great bike, perfectly capable etc. Shimano E8000 / 504wh is fine and if I was unaware of other motor / battery developments, I'd happily stick with it. Is E8000 toast compared to newer motors? My question is how long before you change bike...
  17. C

    Waiting for shimano motor to be delivered

    Just over 5 week ago I dropped my Focus Jam2 off for motor replacement at the bike store where i got it from, and they have done their part in ordering it but are now just waiting for Shimano to deliver it. Has anyone recently had a shimano motor replacement done and how long does it normally...
  18. D

    Shimano, we have a problem.

    My breakup with Shimano drivetrain. A little background: I have been Riding Shimano drivetrain since I can remember. I had a couple of bikes that came with SRAM drivetrain which Inevitably failed somehow so I got to the point that if I made a purchase of a bike that came with SRAM my immediate...
  19. C

    Shimano Steps e8000 warranty

    I have a Focus Jam2 6.8 2019 which is currently in the bike shop getting a new motor fitted (Just hit 1300 miles), 3 hours away from where i live because i bought it online and didn't think about the consequences if anything goes wrong with it. I was wondering if when i get it back does this...
  20. S

    Can anyone tell me based on the photos if I need to change my brake pads?

    I have a Trek Powerfly FS 7 2019, with 1300 km on it. Since day 1, I get a high pitched squeal when using my front brake. Brake power seems normal; I can easily brake using 1 finger. I accepted the squeal up until now - I thought if the performance of the brake is normal, I'll just live with...