1. 2022/23 Mondraker Crafty Carbon - a short review

    2022/23 Mondraker Crafty Carbon - a short review

    Bosch delivered a prototype bike so we could finally test the Bosch Performance CX Race motor. Attached to that motor was a Mondraker Crafty Carbon. The specs don’t correspond to any of the 2023 models, so we’ll just call it the Crafty. Riding this bike reminded us of how much we enjoyed riding...
  2. B

    2023 E160 S Battery Insertion Issues

    Hi Guys, I got my first eMTB in the middle of April. Got myself a 2023 E160 S which I absolutly love, it's awesome. I am however having some difficulty with the battery and getting it to slide in and connect properly. I remove the battery for transport to reduce the weight of the bike up on my...
  3. 3 new Canyon emtbs are out – and a Strive:ON video

    3 new Canyon emtbs are out – and a Strive:ON video

    Canyon take emtb releases to a new level. They’re launching three new 2024 emtbs in one go. There’ll be just a short segment about the Grand Canyon:ON at the end of the article. We’re here for the full suspension bikes, the properly updated Torque:ON and the new Strive:ON. We had a Strive:ON on...
  4. B

    Bigger chainring = higher top speed! Have you had any problems? Bosch Gen3

    He folks, Ok, So I have a Cube Acid One hybrid 2020. It has the 65nm gen 3 motor from bosch fitted. I am travelling mostly on country roads and I'm mostly in the higher 3 gears. At top speed like 28mph (thanks to road tyres being fitted), I feel as if I can go faster but I'm just spinning...
  5. A

    Bosch Smart System and integrated light

    Hi, I’ve just bought a wonderful (at least to me :p) Moterra Neo Carbon 1. It has a useful and powerful Lezine light directly connected to Bosch Smart System. There’s only one thing I don’t really understand: why every time I turn on the bike the light is automatically on too? That’s...
  6. C

    2023 Stilus E-Big Mountain

    Just found a 2023 Rockrider brochure online Rockrider Catalogue Ss2023 English Version ( and what caught my eye, among other things (search D3O), was the Stilus E-Big Mountain. @Rob Rides EMTB might find this also interesting ;)
  7. Ibis Oso Launched - Bosch Powered EMTB

    Ibis Oso Launched - Bosch Powered EMTB

    Had you given up and thought Ibis would never release an emtb? Well, they would, the Ibis Oso is here. This 155/170mm travel bike comes in at U$ 10.999. Photos of the bike have already been leaked online. And the rumor mill picked up after Zakka took a 12th place in the Finale Ligure E-EWS...
  8. Review: 2023 Unno Boös Race (Unno Mith)

    Review: 2023 Unno Boös Race (Unno Mith)

    Having ridden mountainbikes since long before the emtbs, I thought I knew most brands. But Unno was new to me. So, are they like one of those new companies that make an ebike and care more about looks than performance? Boy was I wrong! The former World Cup DH rider Cesar Rojo and Cero Design are...
  9. chris edwards

    2022 2023 Bosch software block out on speedbox ?

    My new Bosch powered Ebike is due to arrive next week and I am keen to fit a speedbox to derestrict the speed limiter. On conversation with a dealer I was informed the latest software would detect a problem and force limp mode. The way to unlock would then be take it into a dealer to clear...
  10. Brian422

    Bosch CX Error 523001…

    Hi all, just got a new Mondraker Crafty R, tried it quickly in Garden and was all good, got to our local trails and within 50m got Error 523001. Connected to app and found a bit more: Drive unit error - sensor system. Error in the speed sensor of the drive unit. Possible effects: Reduced...
  11. jarnof

    Bosch Performance line cx Gen 2 update

    I went to local bikeshop to update my bike, when i received bike they told me there is no update for my bike, but when i came home and checked bike has been updated... Anyone know what has been changed in updates? Purion Display... ->, driver unit... ->, powerback...
  12. X

    Bosch CX Gen 4 error codes on customer report

    I had a customer report done on my bike yesterday and noticed a 503 & 510 code for the Drive Unit, the bike has always and still is working fine but during the summer last year I had an error come up when I was on the train and forgot to turn the bike off, I think the rocking of the wheels set...
  13. tavkhelidze

    Bosch Powerpack 400 modification to work with normal 42v charger

    here u can wach how to modify powerpack 400 from bosch to work on standart 42v charger.
  14. Sean0711

    Wild FS H20 2021 front light wiring?

    Hi all, does the Wild come with the wiring already fitted in the motor and frame for the front light? Asking for a friend otherwise I would look myself. My Trek rail does, just wondering if this is a trek thing, but secretly hoping it’s a Bosch thing and they put the wiring in all the bikes...
  15. Chrisjones6699

    Having a nightmare with JE James

    I bought my Focus Jam2 from JE James in May and since then, they have had it back with them for 40(give or take) days. Without going into a load of detail, the bike hadn’t been assembled properly (dropper post wouldn’t work, seals hanging out, severe creaking and wrong size chain put on) but...
  16. rafaellop

    Shimano Di2 integration with Bosch

    I love how the Di2 works and I would like to install the Di2 system on my new Bosch ebike. Do you have any experience with that? What I need particularly is to connect the Di2 to the Bosch battery to avoid additional battery for the Di2 only. I've got a full Di2 set in my previous Shimano Steps...
  17. Bearing Man

    WARNING! To Bosch powered ebike owners (pre 2020)

    I have posted this on the general forum in the hope of reaching as many Bosch powered bike owners as possible. About a year to 18 months ago, Bosch started supplying and fitting a felt seal. It fitted behind the circlip on the right hand side of the crankshaft, in the space between the...
  18. 9

    Rail 5 Motor Removal For Kiox Upgrade

    Hi All, this has probably been discussed previously but I just cant find it anywhere. I am due my delivery of my new Rail 5 soon and I have the Kiox upgrade kit coming with it and I will fit it but just wanted some steer on doing it. I know you need to drop the motor and route the new cable...
  19. E

    Anyone ever replaced a CX Gen 2 for the new Gen 4

    Quite happy with my current e-mtb but wouldn't mind upgrading the Bosch Gen 2 CX motor for a new Gen 4. Has anyone ever tried this? Easy or difficult?
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