The 2024 Canyon Torque:ON CF finally gets the EP801 motor

Shimano EP8 (801) 85 Nm
720 Wh / 900 Wh
Fork Travel
180 mm
Rear Travel
180 mm
The new Canyon Torque:ON CF was introduced earlier this year. But, as opposed to the new Spectral:ON CF/CFR, the Torque:ON was equipped with the old Shimano EP8 (EP800). Canyon said the Torque:ON was designed to use the new EP8 (EP801), but they never said when that would happen.

Canyon Torque:ON CF Roczen
Canyon Torque:ON CF now gets the Shimano EP801 motor.

It was now. Now the 2024 Canyon Torque:ON CF comes with the new Shimano motor. I believe some people have held off buying the Torque:ON CF because of the motor, and they have perhaps bought the Strive:ON or another brand instead.

The EP8 (800) had its strengths, and I had no reliability issues with it. Performance wise it was very powerful at low cadence where it was amplifying the rider input a lot. At the same time, it was very easy to control the motor power in max assistance. But there were some complaints about the old EP8 dropping motor power too soon. Motor assistance would start throttling at just over 24 kph, while competing brands would give full assistance up to around 26 kph. This could be noticed on group rides where one would struggle to keep up on transport sections for instance.

The 2024 Canyon Torque:ON CF 9

With the EP801, Shimano has addressed these issues. There is better motor support at higher cadence, and there is full assistance at close to 26 kph. In addition, there are more features in the app with the EP801, and the motor bearings have a new seal. Getting the new motor should make the Torque:ON an even more interesting choice, I think. This 180 mm shredder sure looks fun.

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Looking really cool but I'll wait for Levo G4 is launched before deciding and Shimano ain't as good as Bosch and Brose.
I think Shimano may be back in the game - I rode the EP801 installed on a Yeti at Outerbike - and it was every bit as good as Bosch and Brose. No 'rattle' could be detected. Plus you have auto shift to play with etc.


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I know people complain about the rattle. The torque on is an extremely quiet bike and you’d think I’d be able to hear some rattle but I haven’t. It’s the old EP8 from this year, but I’ve been extremely happy with its performance. Reliable, quiet and plenty of power. I’ve had to de-tune eco mode so it’s not as punchy and more controlled in tight spots.. I’ve ridden a few brose bikes. I think it feels similar. Not the same but similar.
Slightly annoying that right after I buy my Torque On, they upgrade it to the newer drive unit.
Still love my new rig, as it’s absolutely amazing, but I would have loved to have gotten the newer unit with the 12 speed Di2 compatibility.