What's app with the 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON refresh?

Shimano EP8 (801)
720 & 900 Wh
Fork Travel
160 mm
Rear Travel
155 mm
21.7-24.4 kg claimed
Canyon just can't stop. Three new bikes last week weren’t enough, now they release another one. But is it really new?

2023 Canyon Spectral:ON CF7

Look closer. Even closer... No? The new Spectral:ON has a longer fork! That's not much of an update. And I find it a bit funny, Canyon now offer bikes with 160, 170 and 180 mm travel. In addition, they've got the Neuron:ON with a 140 mm travel fork. Let me guess, will the next bike have a 150 mm fork? Perhaps a superlight emtb?

The older Spectral:ON models always were a tad steeper, more nimble and less burly than much of the competition with 160 mm forks. I thought that was nice, it slightly set the bike apart. But I guess the burlier 160 mm bikes are more popular and it makes sense for Canyon to compete directly in this segment.

Shimano EP8 (801)
Sparkling black
Tool free rear axle


The frame is the same, but stretching the fork alters the geometry. Seat and head tube angles are down by .5*. The 65* head tube angle is about what one would expect in this category. And the 76* seat tube angle is still what I’d call steep-ish. The 1252 mm wheel base for size L isn’t super long, in part thanks to the short 440 mm chainstays. 440 is a good figure for a versatile emtb that wants to hang on to it’s heritage of offering a playful ride.

2023 Canyon Spectral:ON geometry
2023 Canyon Spectral:ON

App, app, there’s more​

Canyon wouldn’t launch a new bike just because of a longer fork and adjusted color scheme. This launch is very much about the Trail Connect app.

Whether you’re logging miles ridden and vert crushed or just keeping tabs on your baby, the GPS function of the Spectral:ON has got you covered. The new Canyon app connects to the IOT Module integrated into the 2023 Spectral:ON logging the location of your bike and can even send an alarm notification if your bike gets tampered with. The GPS locator even stays enabled if the bike’s battery dies.

Alongside the GPS feature, the Connected App also has your back right from setup, through to service and support. Spare parts, user guides, service and assembly videos, as well as all the tech details about your pride and joy are just a touch away.

Trail Connect - Canyon app

Shimano and GPS connectivity​

Does this sound familiar? Other motor brands, like the Bosch Smart System offers GPS location service and such. Canyon use this on their new Strive:ON, but it seems they wanted it on the Shimano powered Spectral:ON too.

The app app
2023 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR

The new Shimano EP8 motor​

All 2023 Spectral:ON models come with the new and improved EP8 (EP801). This new motor has improved power, power delivery, noise level and seals. Check out our review of the new Shimano EP6 and EP8 (801) motors. We quite liked the motor and we’re happy to see it on the “new” Spectral:ON. The bike does off course still use the 720 and 900 Wh Canyon batteries.

We are controlling transmission - Sram Transmission drivetrain
Canyon 720 and 900 Wh batteries


There are 4 versions of the Spectral:ON being dropped today and there’s a 5th one appearing next month. Prices range from €4.999 to €12.399.

2023 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR specs
2023 Canyon Spectral:ON CF specs
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