1. A

    Is this normal on new Spectral ON CF8?

    It has the new EP80001 motor. Is it normal that it sits so far in or recessed in the frame? Worried about debris and water going in.
  2. What's app with the 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON refresh?

    What's app with the 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON refresh?

    Canyon just can't stop. Three new bikes last week weren’t enough, now they release another one. But is it really new? Look closer. Even closer... No? The new Spectral:ON has a longer fork! That's not much of an update. And I find it a bit funny, Canyon now offer bikes with 160, 170 and 180 mm...
  3. Andres JT

    Shimano E8000 "clanking" sound after freehubbing - 2020 Canyon Spectral ON

    Hello everybody. I bought my 2020 Canyon Spectral ON this past November 2020. I love the bike, it handles really well and I am getting used to going downhill on my first eBike. I have about 400 kms on my bike and I am beggining to hear a lound "clanking" sound after I freehub for a while and...
  4. M

    Spectral ON - size XS

    Due to my limited height (5'6") and short ass legs (28") the sizing calaculator on the Canyon site and rep I spoke to both reccomend size XS for the Spectral:ON. This is the only model that doesn't come with the 29er front wheel and instead has 27.5 x 2.5 front and rear. I'm guessing because of...
  5. Gary


    Found the forum after a recommendation from a pinkbike thread. Hadn't realised but I'd also already watched review videos by Rob the owner.
  6. Gary

    Does anyone actually have a Canyon Spectral:ON yet?

  7. Theolegit

    27.5 2.8 and 29 inch wheels

    Hi all, I see canyon have gone for 27.5 plus at the the rear and 29” frount, anyone considered this on their Levo? Thoughts please
  8. Eckythump

    Canyon Spectral:ON - New arrival as hinted on EMBN.....

    New arrival on the scene as hinted at by EMBN interviewing Fabian Barel..... First Ride Review: Canyon Spectral:ON - Fashionably late or left behind? | E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine