Rocky Mountain Powerplay anyone ride it?


Sep 24, 2018
Ibis mojo3
I’m looking for an ebike and am interested in the Powerplay. I have read some older reviews that say the motor cuts out at times. Anyone with experience on the newer models? Have they got this issue sorted out?Any comments about this bike? I don’t hear much about it.


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Aug 21, 2018
I already have a Kenevo but I took a 2019 Powerplay Carbon 70 out for a demo ride a few weeks ago. Although I didn't have the opportunity to ride it on proper trails but did find some good urban downhill style features (Drops, Stairs, Step Ups) to get a decent feel for the bike. Overall it's a really nice bike with an excellent spec that handles very well - and for the price tag you would expect it to be good!. The pedal assist had a completely different feel in comparison to the the Specialized 1.3 motor which I am more familiar with. It's got a very different mechanism for sensing pressure on the pedals and delivers it's power in a very different less natural way in comparison to my Kenevo. I didn't experience any noticeable motor cut out except for when the 25kph limit was reached. My only gripes with the bike were the really complex chain path and the noise of the drivetrain.
RockyMountain Powerplay .jpg

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