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EP8 options


New Member
Mar 21, 2023
I'm looking into options for derestricting my EP8 powered bike but am not sure whether software or hardware is the way to go.

I looked at the ST Unlocker app previously, but that seemed to just offer changing location to US and so increasing from 25 to 32kmh - not sure if that is still the case, but I'd prefer a bit more of a boost than that.

And with the hardware options, it seems that neither the Peartune or Speedbox will display the correct speed when above 23kmh. The Speedbox is correct up to 23 and stops at that value, Peartune always shows 50% of the true speed, which I assume means it stops assistance at 50kmh (no problem with that)

Can anyone offer any comments on experience with the deristricting the EP8? What product did you use, and what are the pros and cons that you found?



Active member
Sep 16, 2020
Elkhorn, Wi
Why is de-restriction such a big deal legally? People do this to cars all the time and nobody blinks and eye. But, OMFG, de-restricting a GD bicycle is like breaking into a friggin bank. I get the warranty stuff, but if you're OK with no warranty, then why all the hub bub, Bub?


Active member
Sep 11, 2019
French Provence High Alps
I recommend eplus flash
it derestrict to 60 kmh with correct speed displayed and boost curves by 30%

and accessible with etube even Stunlocker

here is their website.

now some screenshots of working ep8 with 4.1.10 race unlock

it's expensive but work with latest firmware and correct speed display and can be toggled (deactivate) with etube, unlock 50 or 60 kmh. they are working on ep6 and ep801 too.

the most powerfull derestrict software

Screenshot_2023-04-26-11-27-04-86_59263c52a61b7454476520f5211e5963.jpg Screenshot_2023-04-26-11-26-51-26_59263c52a61b7454476520f5211e5963.jpg

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