1. This is the new Focus Vam² SL - a short travel lightweight

    This is the new Focus Vam² SL - a short travel lightweight

    Do you find emtbs are too similar? A full-power emtb usually has about 160 mm suspension travel. A mild, lightweight bike usually is at about 150 mm. This really is quite a lot of travel. What happened to the bikes we used to call “regular trailbikes” with around 130 mm of travel? Bikes such as...
  2. G

    Hey folks - Focus Jam2 battery issue (2018)

    Just wanted to say hello from Scotland. Interested to know if there is any experience of rebuilding batteries or retrofitting a new battery and BMS into an existing housing? I have a Focus Jam2 (2018) with a defective and totally dead battery and from what I can tell it is impossible to...
  3. Introducing the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2 – your perfect match?

    Introducing the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2 – your perfect match?

    This is the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2. Rob has ridden the bike, so make sure you check out his video before reading on. It seems Focus is branching out. Not only do they make bikes, now they’ve started match-making too. They’re trying to match two of their riders, Olly and Iven. Not to each...
  4. The Focus Jam2 SL – a return to its roots!

    The Focus Jam2 SL – a return to its roots!

    Did you know the SL bikes date back to 2018? The old Focus Jam2 C SL was a 150mm travel bike with a smaller battery and carbon frame. Surely this was the direction emtbs would take? But no! Later versions of the Jam2 came with big detachable batteries and increased weight. Thankfully, the Focus...
  5. D

    2023 Focus Sam2 SL??

    Posted in the general thread but no one cared too much about it haha. Saw it on the Embn video of Steve about the Fazua factory. By the looks of it looks like a full carbon frame with at least 170mm travel, probably a 360 battery like the Fuel EX-E or Pivot Shuttle SL. I own a 2019 and love...
  6. D

    2023 FOCUS SAM2 SL?

    Steve may have leaked this one on the Fazua video featured in the EMBN youtube channel. I own a 2019 and the 2021 was way too heavy, so this looks awesome. Full carbon and at least 170mm of rear wheel travel. The kink behing the headtube looks weird though.
  7. russellb

    Focus THRON² 6.9 2022

    Hello fellow THRON² riders. Can't wait, have a Focus THRON² 6.9 2022 on order here in AU. Supposedly hits the docks early April ! still hard to get info out of dealers as to delivery dates or even specs.
  8. Chrisjones6699

    Having a nightmare with JE James

    I bought my Focus Jam2 from JE James in May and since then, they have had it back with them for 40(give or take) days. Without going into a load of detail, the bike hadn’t been assembled properly (dropper post wouldn’t work, seals hanging out, severe creaking and wrong size chain put on) but...
  9. Lukerpool

    Focus Jam2 6.8 nine SNAPPED LINKAGE BOLT

    Just abit of advice. I’ve had a focus Jam2 for about 3 months and the top linkage bolt on the rear shock came loose and snapped. I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the warranty shenanigans so I just mailed Focus and they told me the size of the bolt. Found a bolt from PROBOLT UK, made from...
  10. Lukerpool

    Focus JAM2 6.8 nine 2021

    Hi I’m new here I’ve just bought a Focus Jam2 6.8 in june, been riding it on trials and few jumps here and there. ? I’ve done a few upgrades, gone tubeless, new disks, new headset bearings, new grips, a few hope headset parts, burgtec composite pedals, new fox decals and already had to replace...
  11. M

    New bike - Jam2, Genius or even Turbo Levo?

    Hey everybody New member to the forums, but joined looking for help! I’m searching for my first eMTB and can’t really decide witch one.. I haven’t ridden for many years, so I’ll basically start from scratch learning again. The bike just need to tackle the local trails, without a lot of...
  12. E

    Magura MDR-P 220mm rear W011 error

    Hi I have changed my rear brake disc to 220mm Magura MDR-P but now getting W011 error for a sensor issue, is this because I need the Magura magnet? I have kept the rotor magnet from the previous disc but it’s not working. Any ideas?
  13. A

    Need help choosing: Cube, Focus, Spec, Scott or other?

    Hi all! My story: I had a break in riding an MTB bike for about 10 years, after a small accident. As more and more of my friends gets their eMTBs and falling in love with them, I envied them and decided to finally return to this sport, loose some weight, as I grew fat over the years, and...
  14. F

    Thron2 EQP Upgrade Options

    I bought a Thron2 6.8 EQP last summer with the intention of using it to commute to work, but also to get off road and build my confidence over more technical terrain. My commute is 12 miles each way through the West Yorkshire moors, mainly by road but always options to find more interesting...
  15. K

    Jarifa2 upgrade

    I bought a Jarifa2 at the end of June and I love it… …BUT I’ve been waiting ever since then for an upgrade pack (mudguards, pannier rack, wired-in lights). I know manufacturing has been disrupted this year, but they still seem to be shipping new bikes, so surely they’re still making the parts...
  16. C

    Shimano Steps e8000 warranty

    I have a Focus Jam2 6.8 2019 which is currently in the bike shop getting a new motor fitted (Just hit 1300 miles), 3 hours away from where i live because i bought it online and didn't think about the consequences if anything goes wrong with it. I was wondering if when i get it back does this...
  17. Stoddy

    Anyone else riding focus bikes?

    I feel like I’m in the minority with my Focus Jam pro. There must be more out there? (I love mine!)