New Hope Tech 4 V4


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Jun 3, 2019
Yorkshire UK
looking forward to some reviews 👍


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Aug 3, 2020
do I detect........... jealousy..... from the poors ?
I had a set of tech 3 e4 brakes, they were rubbish at slowing the bike down. But really good at looking nice and being reliable.

Will be interested to see if these have similar stopping power to the current crop of good brakes. Looks to me like they've increased lever length to increase the mechanical leverage


Apr 24, 2020
The Trail.
I had Tech3 v4’s on my old Yeti human powered enduro bike; they were amazing. Loads of modulation, good amount of power, reliable and easy to service (with quick access to spare parts).

On my Levo, when it came to throwing the Code-R’s in the bin and then ceremoniously stamping on them, I was going to put the Hopes on; but after test riding a few ebikes with v4, I felt I wanted even more power to offset the weight of the bike; so ended up with Magura MT5's. Another plus is they squeal like the Hopes when wet so I felt instantly at home 😀

Sold my V4's for the price I paid for them so they certainly keep their value imo.

Hopes are things of beauty though.

Apr 14, 2020
Surrey, UK
Can’t see much reason to change the caliper as there is nothing wrong with it, can’t remember a 30% power increase claim when the Tech 3 came out.
I guess the proof will be in the pudding 😁


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Jul 22, 2020
Not sure what they could do? I've had Hope calipers apart & outside of the unions, there's literally three parts to them - the body, the pistons & the seals & I guess the bolts if you're being picky. Cooling fins maybe? The only thing I dislike is the phenolic pistons. they can be a major pain to seat & mark very easily.

dwr budr

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May 29, 2018
Looks sweet, whats the performance like?

well i can only compare against code r, mt420's and tech 3 e4's and they're better than them - the first few millimetre of pull feels almost spongy, then the power comes on, smoothly but with force, and there's not much effort needed pulling on the lever to generate the power. Adjustability is good but if you've run hopes before that is to be expected.
These are tech 4 e4 (not v4) with 203 rotors and they seem to have plenty of stopping power for a heavy ebike, if you've run tech 3's before i'd say these are significantly better.


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Oct 17, 2021
I've got a new set of V4's waiting to go on the bike, on the Tech3 levers, but when the Tech 4 become available as a lever by themselves I'll likely get a pair, as i think they're more Ebike orientated.
I'll be using them with the 2.3mm solid rotors, which have nice little lightning bolts stamped in them, so obviously hope are directing V4's as Ebike brakes.
A new set of pro4 wheels to go on too. Might as well go all Hope. It is lovely kit :cool:


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Jun 20, 2021
Fitted a set to a mates bike the other weekend.

Lovely looking kit.
I would say for brute stopping power they don't seem to be any more powerful than others BUT the modulation compared to my XT's is amazing. You can really feel the bite point and I felt a lot more in control with them.
Apr 14, 2020
Surrey, UK
I had the same issue with an adaptor, the larger piston on the V4 is the issue, of course using Hope adaptors eliminates any issues.

Brakes themselves are stunning, feel more powerful than my TRP DHR Evo's did and better and firmer lever feel, super easy to set up, new piston design make sit very easy to balance the pistons, they come out very smoothly and easily.

Easily the best brakes I have tried, though I have not tried the Tickstuff ones.
Apr 14, 2020
Surrey, UK
I could not comment on those, I have tried against Saint, Code, XT four pot, TRP DHR Evo, so judging by why I have read online would say on par with the MT7 which seem to be on par with Saints.
For me the Hopes are the best made / quality and you know they will be serviceable for at least 15 years


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Jan 18, 2022
Tweed Valley, Scotland
I had very poor experiences with both V4 and E4 previously. A hope evangelist waxed lyrical about how his E4s were so much better than my (admittedly crap) Code Rs. I tried his bike and they were laughably bad. However, a friend has these new ones and a brief carpark test suggests they are pretty good. She certainly loves them. Very light lever throw and quite a soft engagement, so probably not everyone's cup of tea.
Apr 14, 2020
Surrey, UK
You can change the lever feel by winding in the BPC , then they are quite a bit firmer, the older brakes took a bit more effort setting up to feel good but these are pretty easy in comparison.
I bled mine myself and think the front maybe needs a tweak as feels very slightly softer than the rear and usually I always have found front brakes feel very slightly firmer which I presume is due to the shorter hose

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