1. Orbea announce OQUO, a new wheel brand

    Orbea announce OQUO, a new wheel brand

    Today marks the start of Oquo wheels. This is a new brand by Orbea, located in the Basque Country. Here, Oquo is developing, testing and producing wheels. Check out the new OQUO brand website here, for more details, or read below. Wheels made in Europe. Oquo describe their production method...
  2. A

    Wanted Roval (or any) spare wheels for Turbo Levo.

    Looking for spare wheels for my Turbo Levo 2018. Happy to travel and pick up, any new or hardly used in good/great or unused condition.
  3. MrClappers

    Replace rear wheel?

    Hi All, I have a 2021 Stereo Hybrid 160 HCP SL and have a small crack on the rear wheel where they are joined. it was leaking sealant out ever so slightly. I would prefer to replace the wheel than tempt fate riding on it. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good replacement? I was...
  4. C

    Levo SL Levo SL Comp wheelset replacement options

    About to splash on a Levo SL Comp. These wheels from Hunt look like a good option to save some weight on the stock Roval Traverse? Assume it's a simple swap over? Anyone upgraded their wheelset on their SL Comp...
  5. M

    Wheel upgrade advice needed.

    I'm 5foot 4 and ride a small 2018 carbon comp. I ride mainly trail centres but am more downhill focused, hitting all the typical trail centre jump lines rather than grinding out distances. I'm looking at upgrading the stock wheels as the rear is looking a bit tired after repeated straightening...
  6. junglie69

    Converting 29er and Butcher 2.6” tyres.

    Hi having a bit of a posting frenzy at the moment hope this is of use. Love the Levo however really wanted to stay on a 29er, as a taller rider and having ridden them for a number of years it’s just my preference. I managed to get my Levo at a bargain price so not complaining. I stumbled across...
  7. E

    Levo wheel size

    How's come 29 is in the name of all 2018 Levo's but the spec sheet says wheel size 27.5
  8. Taffyteg

    Levo damaged freehub and seized wheel bearing

    Had a great ride at Cannock on Sunday only to find last night that the wheel bearing had seized / become very stiff in the rear hub. On stripping down the rear hub I also found that one of the pawls within the freehub has sheared and so is only latching on 2 pawls, images below show good and...