Orbea announce OQUO, a new wheel brand

Today marks the start of Oquo wheels. This is a new brand by Orbea, located in the Basque Country. Here, Oquo is developing, testing and producing wheels.

Check out the new OQUO brand website here, for more details, or read below.

Oquo - wheels made in Europe.

Wheels made in Europe.

Oquo describe their production method as highly accurate, mixing precise custom robots with highly trained workers. I would assume European production needs to be precise and efficient to be competitive.

The carbon Oquo MC32.

The carbon Oquo MC32.

The wheels​

So, what's personalized premium wheels? There are 5 different wheels to choose from, designed for different types of riding and budgets. The personalization is about chosing colors to color match, well, whatever you want to match. Check out the Oquo personalization tool on their website.

The rims get reinforced spoke beds plus angled and assymetric spoke holes. And all wheels are builit using DT Swiss hubs and Sapim spokes.

Angled spokes
Angled spokes

 Reinforced spoke beds

Reinforced spoke beds


There are two lines of wheels. The first one is called MP, short for mountain performance. These are lightweight wheels made for racing. There are carbon and alloy versions, and prices range from €599 to €1.999. Click to view the details, and click again to enlarge.


And rock solid​

Then there’s the MC. Mountain Control wheels are optimized for stability and control when riding rough trails. They come with either carbon or alloy rims, and prices are €699 or €1.599. Click to view the details, and click again to enlarge.


Our take​

I think it’s cool they’re able to develop and produce wheels here in Europe. For us riding emtbs, the Mountain Control line is the most interesting ones!

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Hello, I have sent a question to Orbea about the weight of the MC32 LTD and MC32 Team wheelsets, but didn't get an answer. Do you maybe have that info, can't seem to find it anywhere online.