1. Neeko DeVinchi

    Stumpjumper V Enduro V Status - Which one will win - The video is comin people ?

    I know, I know, neither three are eebs. However, I'm starting this thread in anticipation of the shoot of the video which will occur this weekend (hopefully). Hopefully no one minds. I'll be upfront with you before reading further, if you're not into regular bikes (I refuse to use the words...
  2. Rob Rides EMTB

    Mission Control Mission Control App - Do you use it?

    Do you use the Specialized Mission Control App? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? What would you want to see added to it to improve? What other feedback do you have, positive / negative Add your feedback here and it will be sent to Specialized to help improve it for...
  3. L

    Giving our 2018 Levo’s a run Down Under

  4. Bearing Man

    Big Brose motor upgrade now available for older motors.

    Want a stronger, reliable and more watertight Brose motor? This video shows what we're doing at Performance Line Bearings to achieve this and how we're doing it. This service is available for ALL Brose motors regardless if it's for a specialized or a Bulls etc., made in 2015 or 2020, whether...
  5. My first long travel 29er

    My first long travel 29er

    It's not an ebike but make no mistake, 29ers is something I'll be messing around with in 2021
  6. The Levo gets a 160mm fork upgrade

    The Levo gets a 160mm fork upgrade

    With the 160mm travel Rockshox Yari forks paired to the Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3, we take the Levo to do laps in what I would consider 'a beginner enduro stage' in my neck of the woods ?
  7. Can he still use the Stumpy after using a Levo?

    Can he still use the Stumpy after using a Levo?

    Decided to bust out the Stumpjumper after spending so much time on the Levo. Let's see if we've still got it?
  8. Specialised Butcher Grid Tyres - Are they any good in the mud?

    Specialised Butcher Grid Tyres - Are they any good in the mud?

    Let's find out whether the Butcher Grid tyres in a 27.5x2.8 are any good in the mud, loose and wet.
  9. Round Two on the 200mm travel Kenevo

    Round Two on the 200mm travel Kenevo

    I won't lie to you all, this bike is seriously a weapon. As such, its time to point the bike down something fierce then shuttle back to the top and repeat ?
  10. Neeko DeVinchi

    Neeko DeVinchi on EMTB FORUMS

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. Though I'd join EMTB Forums to see what the latest news, reviews and comments say. I'll do my utmost to aid in the advocacy for the sport so check out my YouTube channel for some of the craziest shenanigans I get up to. Hope to see all of you soon and...
  11. Hardtail for the win when its muddy as hell

    Hardtail for the win when its muddy as hell

    You can't beat a good hardtail for the winter months
  12. Levo Hardtail Shakedown Ride

    Levo Hardtail Shakedown Ride

    Lets see how hard you can push a hardtail emtb
  13. 200mm travel Kenevo Expert

    200mm travel Kenevo Expert

    Let's see what the SR Suntour RUX RC2C forks can do
  14. W

    Specialized Levo Dead 2019

    So I have read many great informative conversations on this forum about dead Levo's and washing them etc.... I had a small muddy ride the other day and came back and washed my Levo (not upside down and not with a pressure hose!) Straight after this wash, it was completely dead! I took the...
  15. P

    FOR SALE: Specialized Turbo Levo SL 2020 - Medium - Storm Grey - 178 miles with extender 4750 ono

    2020 Levo SL Comp Carbon - Medium in Storm Grey only used a few times very light 178 miles.. with battery extender and charging cable. Mint condition.. cleaned every ride.. Fitted with carbon bash guard, Muckymutz front mudguard and rear Sitcomb mudguard, Renthal bars, Invisiframe Belair...
  16. Specialized Rider Care


    EXCITING FIRMWARE "UPDATES" (UPDATED 09/03/2021) Thanks to the help of our beta testers once again today we released our newest motor firmware 7.4.2 for 2.1 Motors available via Mission Control Over The Air Updates. The OTA process has been further improved and firmware developed with the...
  17. F

    Hi from Stellbosch

    Hi all. Still in the process of deciding which eMTB to buy but the lack of stock is not helping. I’m trying to decide between the Giant Trance X E+ Pro 29 1 (or 2) and the 2021 Specialized Levo Comp. Stock is an issue with both bikes, but I hope new stock is arriving in January. Let’s hope that...
  18. Jimmer

    Other Looking for a brilliant Specialized mechanic in London

    Can anyone recommend a really good Specialized eMTB mechanic in London?
  19. The_Truck_Man

    What computer to use on derestricted 2021 Turbo Levo?

    I'm looking for a large display computer that will help me train to a heart rate and cadence on my new Turbo Levo. Must also do all the other usual bits speed, average speed etc and ideally mapping would be an advantage also but not essential. I am derestricting the bike so normal Specialized...
  20. Jimmer

    Fat Bars vs Specialized carbon FACT

    I've just managed to drop my S-Works Levo SL off the bike rack and broken the end of the bar and grip ☹ I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of the Renthal Fatbar Carbon Lite over the Specialized FACT carbon bar that comes as standard. I'm thinking of swapping them over... Any thoughts?