1. 2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review

    2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review

    Specialized was among the first offering a mild lightweight emtb with the original 2020 Levo SL. One could argue a 18-19 kg emtb isn’t Super Light. But it’s light enough to offer a very different riding experience compared to the +/- 25 kg full fat bikes. Watch our video review or keep reading...
  2. Specialized SL 1.2 motor review

    Specialized SL 1.2 motor review

    The new Specialized SL 1.2 motor resembles the old SL 1.1 in a few ways. Both the looks and weight is very similar, and they are both “generous” motors. I find there are two categories of mild emtb motors, they can be generous or stingy. See our motor review or keep reading below. A generous...
  3. AdrianComoSL

    Other Como SL intermittently won’t turn on.

    Will not turn on. I remove TCU and unplug Y connector. (It is completely clean and straight) reconnect and it turns on every time no problem. Shows full charge, no error lights. I can turn it on and off at will unless I leave it for a few hours… After a few hours I try again. Will not turn on...
  4. T

    Levo Gen 2 Interchangeable Parts 4 (Levo <> Kenevo) or (Gen2 <>Gen3) or (SL <> FP)

    My original intent in creating this thread was basically a thread or for those of us with the older generation Levo's (2019->) that want to upgrade their bike with some of the features available on the new gen 3 Levo's that has specific details or part numbers? One feature in particular was...
  5. F

    S-Mag clicking sound

    Hi. After 4.500km my Brose S-Mag suddenly started to make a continues clicking sound on my Specialized Kenvo (2021). The sound is similar to a chain guide which is not well adjusted (listen to the attached mp3 file). The sound is louder the higher the motor support is adjusted. It's entirely...
  6. 2023 Specialized Levo SL ll – It’s finally here!

    2023 Specialized Levo SL ll – It’s finally here!

    I really enjoyed the old Levo SL. It did feel less capable than many other lightweight emtbs that came after. And I had no problem with that, if you wanted more burly, there’s the Kenevo SL. It appears Specialized have changed this though. Fork travel is up by 10, to 160 mm while rear travel is...
  7. MarcusTwice

    Other SOLVED: Specialized Levo (2018) Brose 1.2 Motor - Clunk Noise

    I own a 2018 Specialized Levo Hardtail and has been a joy with zero problems until now. Unfortunately it has developed a ‘clunk’ when pedaling under load in the highest gear (small cog). Please take a look at the movie, as I need advice… https://youtube.com/shorts/mk8VYzW8zZw Thanks for...
  8. Cooduaty

    Other Frame bag full triangle for bikepacking. Levo G3

    Hi there! I made for myself such a framebag. I tried to maximize capacity, but it's still not bumpy, looks good. I made some prototypes and I have a final version for Levo G3 S4. I can make it in other colours or options (1 or 2 zippers or anything what you want). It is possible to make it also...
  9. Introducing the new Specialized Turbo Tero X full suspension emtb

    Introducing the new Specialized Turbo Tero X full suspension emtb

    Great news! The new Specialized Tero X is not a bike full of the latest innovation costing €18.000! No, this is a much cheaper bike that only comes with an aluminium frame. Check out the video to hear me talk about the bike, or keep reading below. Activity line bike You might already know...
  10. Specialized introduce battery charge limit

    Specialized introduce battery charge limit

    We've known for years that lithium batteries degrade faster at 100% state-of-charge. Still, the manufacturers didn't see this as a big issue. I've asked other manufacturers about this, and they've told me the battery degradation isn't that bad. The battery will out live the bike, and it will...
  11. lauraridesebikes

    Anyone got their Specialized TCU 2 visor crack out of nowhere?

    Hey there! I own both a Turbo Levo Expert 2022 and a Kenevo SL Expert 2022, and my TCU visors cracked. I didn’t crash, misuses my bike, leave it out in the sun inside the car, or in the bait the truck. I live in Brasil, and purchased the bikes here, and also tried to take them to two Specialized...
  12. Dimke23

    Specialized turbo levo 2018 battery not charging

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the battery, which is that it won't charge, the battery accidentally attracted a metal object with its magnetic part while it was on and suddenly a spark was thrown on one of the contacts for a moment, the battery works normally after that, it can be driven...
  13. R

    Other Need purchase advice - 2018 specialized turbo levo comp fsr

  14. R

    Levo Gen 2 .

  15. G

    Unanswered Specialized VADO "Low Bat"

    I have a 2020 Vado 4.0 with 1650 miles on it. It has a wired TCD display. I was getting the "LOW BAT" message so I changed the battery. It takes a 1220 battery. I replaced it with a battery with a 2031 expiration date and I still get the "LOW BAT" message. I bought another battery and got...
  16. Colm

    Answered 2018 Turbo Levo speed sensor

    Hi all, the reed connector has broken on my speed sensor cable and I'm having diffs trying to source a replacement cable (S166800018 750mm). Spesh stores all say none in stock and no date for new stock. Anyone know where I could get one or even how to fix the connector (wires have snapped at...
  17. MrMarzocchi

    Kenevo SL Has anyone changed their dropper post on their Kenevo SL?

    To a shorter one that fits? Do you have pics..kenevo
  18. J

    Wanted *WANTED* 210x55 rear air shock

    Hi guys, I’ve got a Gen 2 levo and want a new rear air shock any gen 3 users getting rid of their shocks? or any other rear shocks about? 210x55 and UK only pls
  19. SparkleHedgehog

    Got my first e-bike this week - Specialized Turbo Levo Expert Carbon 2020

    Just got my first ebike this week from RaceCo cycles. Specialized Turbo Levo Expert Carbon 2020 in Large. Haven't ridden it in anger yet as want my invisiframe kit on first but looks like a great bit of kit. Gagging for a first proper ride!
  20. My first E-bike - Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon

    My first E-bike - Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon

    Just got my first ebike this week, the Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon. Absolutely in love with it