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Nov 20, 2022
Hello everyone, I have a problem with the battery, which is that it won't charge, the battery accidentally attracted a metal object with its magnetic part while it was on and suddenly a spark was thrown on one of the contacts for a moment, the battery works normally after that, it can be driven, it changes modes it just won't load, I would like to hear the opinions of people who understand each other or who had similar experiences to share, I would be very grateful

I opened the battery very carefully because I saw on youtube that it shows an error on the board, it lights up red, in the photos I'm sending you can see that when the battery is connected to the charger it flashes fast, when the charger is removed it flashes a little slower

The battery is not under warranty so I would have to pay for the damage myself

IMG_20221116_231307.jpg IMG_20221116_234336.jpg IMG-f977dfdf47cb226ae0f4468fe9ba2d96-V.jpg

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