1. Sam Pilgrim abandons Haibike

    Sam Pilgrim abandons Haibike

    As announced today, Pilgs is moving away from Haibike. Honestly, it wasn't a big surprise. Haibike kept discontinuing the ebikes he prefered riding. He did his "worlds first" tricks on the sDuro AllMtn 10.0. A reasonably lightweight, relatively short wheelbase emtb with a 500Wh external battery...
  2. C

    Haibike Hardnine 7 creaking/clicking issue

    I have a Haibike Hardnine 7 bike which uses the Yamaha PW-ST motor and is less than a month old. For around a week it’s developed a creak when pedalling under pressure or standing and seems to be from the crank/motor area. I’ve been on Facebook groups trying to get suggestions and acted upon...
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    Haibike Allmtn CF12_02
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    Haibike Allmtn CF12_01
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    Allmtn CF12_05
  6. photo_2022-09-07_12-54-00 (2).jpg

    photo_2022-09-07_12-54-00 (2).jpg

    Allmtn CF12_04
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    Allmtn CF12_03
  8. photo_2022-09-07_12-08-13 (3).jpg

    photo_2022-09-07_12-08-13 (3).jpg

    Allmtn CF12_02
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  10. S

    Yamaha PW series ST

    Hi, does anyone know what the error code 73 means on a Yamaha PW - ST motor with the Yamaha display A. It powers on for a few seconds with the display code, then goes off. Thanks.
  11. M

    Selling my Haibike xDuro AllMtn 5.0 FLYON

    Hi All I'm selling my 2019 model Haibike xDuro AllMtn 5.0 FLYON because I hardly use it :( It's done 260Km since new, been dealer derestricted and invisiFRAME fitted. It's even kept indoors! Perfect condition open to offers. I live in West Sussex. Comes with original receipt and accessories...
  12. C

    Replacement crank arms for Haibike Hardseven

    Hi all, I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I have a Haibike Hardseven 7 which I picked up a month ago. I've been loving the bike with it being my first eMTB. Unfortunately this evening after a long day at work I was riding home and the bike slipped out on a wet rock at about 25kmh. The bike seem...
  13. BOTG

    Fancy a brilliant XC ride? You wont go far wrong with this blast at Malham.

    XC MTB Trails @ Pen-y-ghent & Malham Moor - 25 Miles of XC EMTB Heaven. A real XC (Cross Country) mtb ride this, if there ever was a ride that encompasses that term, 'Cross Country' then this ride ticks all the xc mtb boxes. 25 miles, of climbs, fast grassy ups and downs, rocks, and single...
  14. BOTG

    I found and fixed the Creaking noise. MotorShims..

    Iset off on my journey to find a solution and go through everything you all suggested. Seat dropper post crank arms rear triangle bolts motor bolts head bearings pedals Motor shims Carbon frame Rear hanger Derailleur Did we find it, YES!!! and we fixed it ourselves, Heidi Haibike, my all mtn 7...
  15. BOTG

    Haibike all mtn 7. Creaking is bad, going through a check list to fix it. [video]

    We will get this sorted.. Thanks to community members for suggestions.
  16. BOTG

    Haibike Creaking. Driving me insane (Video)

    Haibike Creaking, I have ticked off a few elements to try and source the issue. Yesterday, I removed and clean motor cover and greased all screw and bolts. Removed both crank arms and cleaned them up and seals cleaned. Removed both pedals and re greased them, Regreased bearing in the headset...
  17. BOTG

    Everything and tool you need to upgrade your Haibike (7 for me)

    Any questions, go ahead.
  18. BOTG

    Bike maintenance I now know, and things I don't.

    Its been a while since I have been back on the forums, it got a little heated when I decided to be honest about my lack of bike fixing skills, due to somebody else who used to fix my bikes over the 10 years who sadly is not around anymore and a small select few who were lets say a little...
  19. anttiryt

    Yamaha/Flyon charger interoperatibility

    Hi, hello all. It's great to be a part of the community, thanks. I now have a new used SDuro with PW-ST intube engine. I bought it from lost-n-found without charger, thinking I could use my old sDuro PW-X external-battery charger. Of course this didn't happen. So the situation is, I have...
  20. BOTG

    Recommendations on entire wheel build upgrade.

    Hello all. I am looking at getting an entire new rear wheel for all mtn 7, I am wanting something better quality with better bearings for a start. So here is a list of things I'm looking at any advice would be much appreciated. Hope hub Hope rear wheel New 12 speed cassette New chain 2x jockey...