Review Absolute Black Silicone Grips

Jan 8, 2019
United Kingdom
Canyon Spectral:ON 7
You could buy a can of expanding for, for under a tenner down Selco and pump it in - interesting.

Anyone seen these, they swear by them in motocross and they are now doing MTB bars. Not cheap though:

FasstMTB, home of Flexx MTB Handlebars, for a better day riding.

I used the dirt bike version of the Fasst Bars on my 2 Stroke KTM in the hope that they would reduce vibes through the bars which was giving me pins and needles and arm pump. What I got was a heavier front end (they weigh a ton) and a lighter wallet.
I could not get used to the flexing sensation of the bar even with the stiffest elastomers, it made the front end a little vague and did nothing for my hands or arm pump. I sold them after a couple of rides and went back to normal bars.
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