1. 2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review

    2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review

    Specialized was among the first offering a mild lightweight emtb with the original 2020 Levo SL. One could argue a 18-19 kg emtb isn’t Super Light. But it’s light enough to offer a very different riding experience compared to the +/- 25 kg full fat bikes. Watch our video review or keep reading...

    FREY EVOLVE Review: A Full-Suspension Bike With New Bafang M510 Mid-Drive Motor

    The Bafang M510 mid-drive motor system has been on the market for some time, and we have noticed more and more bike brands using the M510 in their new models. FREYBIKE, with the goal of creating a leading international sports e-bike brand, has been focusing on the design, research and...
  3. The new Scott Lumen eRide – introduction and testride of a Superlight emtb

    The new Scott Lumen eRide – introduction and testride of a Superlight emtb

    The Scott e-Spark was introduced all the way back in 2015. It was a full suspension emtb with a 120mm rear suspension and a 130mm travel fork. But this bike disappeared after a few years. Short travel emtbs didn’t really catch on. They were perhaps too similar to the 150-160mm travel bikes...
  4. 6 lightweight emtbs tested and compared!

    6 lightweight emtbs tested and compared!

    The last couple of months have been all about the lightweight emtbs. I haven’t been keeping count, but, it seems more lightweight emtbs have been released than full-fat emtbs. Looking back at the bikes I’ve reviewed, 5 out the last 6 bikes are lightweights. These bikes are called Superlight, or...
  5. Nick van winkle

    Orange Phase RS 2020

  6. P

    Test ride and and review for our bikes - NE USA.

    Hey everyone, I am the owner of Watt Wagons. We have a demo build of our bike (Hydra) and are looking for a somewhat local tester / reviewer for the bike. Ideally it is an honest review. We are not perfect so constructive feedback is welcome. Yes, we are aware that the frame cannot do dual...
  7. BenRoberts_EMTB

    2020 Vitus E-Sommet Review

    Hi all, Check out my review of the Vitus E-Sommet VRX. I'm also promoting my business Ebike Adventures so likes and subscribes would be very much appreciated. And if you would like to try out an E-Sommet or E-Escarpe in Snowdonia when the lockdown is lifted then get in touch. I will be...
  8. Wheezy

    The best e-bike I've ridden - Norco Range VLT C1

    I've ridden quite a few bikes in my day having worked for several shops in the SoCal area, some I've had the chance to put some serious time on but man, one day on the Range VLT C1 and I had to buy one. It's 170mm of plush coil goodness. When I first looked at the bike I didn't expect to like...
  9. ebike_junkie

    My video review of the Giant Trance E+ SX PRO

    I've gotta admit I had some pretty strong preconceptions about this bike before I rode it, mainly based on the geometry. I was very surprised.
  10. ebike_junkie

    My review of the Meta Power

    I really like this bike! I also really think they look a lot better in the flesh, especially the battery setup on the down tube.
  11. Rob Rides EMTB

    Pivot Shuttle Review

    A no compromise, sub 10% body fat trail ripper This bike is an MMA fighter disguised as an EMTB. Brutally fast, ripped to the bone and packs a stinging punch to propel you forward with the excellent Shimano Steps E8000 motor. "It’s our vision, our calling and our ultimate goal to design and...
  12. Doomanic

    Review Absolute Black Silicone Grips

    At £30ish plus post these are the most expensive grips I’ve ever bought but do come with nicely turned aluminium bar ends. They were fairly easy to fit following the supplied instructions. I bought these as I suffer badly from numb hands and they have done a great job of reducing that...
  13. Eckythump

    Review Crank Brothers Joplin Dropper Remote

    Product Image: Product name: Crank Brothers Joplin Dropper Remote Price paid: £33.99 Score (out of 10): 9 Review: I have been trying to find a seatpost remote with the leverage of a 1x type remote to work alongside the ‘Rapidfire’ mode selector used with the Shimano motor. I appreciate...
  14. outerlimits

    Specialized Turbo Levo vs Kenevo Review, my demo day

    Levo Kenevo Levo demo day. Was lucky enough to go to the Spesh demo day at Gap Creek yesterday and test out some of the range. First up was a guided ride on a Levo expert with the carbon front frame, carbon wheels Öhlins fork ect. This was a XL and at 6ft I’m used to a L frame normally. I...
  15. E

    Review Magicshine Eagle F3 MTB/eMTB front light.

    Magicshine Lights. Link to site and retail pricing. Magicshine Bike Lights | Cycle Lights | Magicshine UK The introduction… Many will already know that I’m not adverse to a bit of night riding, be that using my eMTB or my analogue MTB and from looking at my stats from last year, I spent...
  16. Rob Rides EMTB

    Review 2018 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Carbon

    Manufacturer: Specialized Model: Turbo Levo Comp Carbon Model Year: 2018 Price Paid: £4700 New/Used: Brand New Score (out of 10): 9 Review: This was our very first EMTB. Having owned a number of bikes over the past 20 years the thought of having one with an electric motor was a little strange...