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Has anyone found a good place to get chains from? seems to be a shortage in the UK.
Done 330km on the Kenevo in 3 weeks, now it's at the lbs getting it's first inspection. No problems, just pure fun!
First Time out on my 150mm cranks, tubeless tyres and saint front brake. Amazing. The shorter cranks make such a difference. Tube less is great, always thought it was a bit of a gimmick but I was completely wrong. Upgrading to a saint from an xt front brake makes a huge difference Also. Xt was ok but the saint can stop me like nothing I've experienced before.
I just changed the battery on the turbo levo and the dealer upgrade my Fw for battery and motor. and now BLEvo does not want to connect or the new battery can not be detected. Bike scan not find any bike. Battery Fw is 4.23.1 motor Fw 5.4.0. I already reinstall BLEvo but no luck. Anyone with similar problem? Bt work because i can connect to Mission Control. What could have been wrong.
My bike: Turbo Levo HT 29 ,
The Kenevo is amazing! :)
Picked up my Kenevo today and did the first 25km - I'm STOOOOKED!
Anticipating next ride....
It's mine! I'm Donnie-Kenevo now! :D :D
Hi Shane,

Has your problem been sorted - I'm having the same issue with my 2018 Levo.


It’s still in Evans waiting for a new motor being delivered apparently the motor was faulty fingers crossed it’s going to be sorted
After a testride with the Kenevo today, the choice was easy. Kenevo all the way! :)
Test-ridden a Shimano E800 and a Bosch CX, but tend towards the Specialized/Brose concept. Just can't decide between Levo and Kenevo yet - have to test-ride both.
hallo danny 504
Still in Italy
e-MTB-ing around Lake Como this week!
when will buy a eMTB?!
Cube Cross Pro Bosch CX 500wh Speedbox2 mainly commute.
Was going to go out today but 💦☔️
Looking forward to riding a Kenevo later this week.
Can’t believe that we have more snow in the UK in mid March! ❄️
Joined the forum immediately after purchasing my first eMTB, Lapierre 527 i. Wohoo!!
I have a Specialized Turbo Levo Comp 2017 model
Which I’ve done a few upgrades. Hope pro 4 wheel set. Carbon bars. Hope narrow wide 32 tooth chainring. Still loving the bike.
I just visited your profile.
Just moved to new dedicated server. Now running at Turbo speed!
Hello all. Hope this works.
Just creating a brand new eMTB community for the future!