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  • Hi,

    My name is Bartek, I'm from Poland and I have a few questions for you about turning off the internal speed sensor.
    After turning off the internal speed sensor and installing a new one with a spoke magnet, does the display show the correct speed?
    Disabling the external speed sensor removes the speed limit?

    Can I ask you for a list of exactly what parts you bought, so that I don't buy the wrong ones?
    Hello, I have also a bike with rim magnet and it seems impossible to tune that type of bosch system.
    How did you converted your bike to the Bosch swing arm speed sensor / spoke magnet?
    Does it now works well with a speedbox?
    You first need to get permission from your bikes manufacturer, they download new firmware into the bike that shuts the internal speed sensor off, while also turning on one of the motors existing electrical outlets for the new swing arm speed sensor to plug into.
    Your local bike shop has to email a request to the bike manufacturer to do this. Then it’s about $50 in Bosch parts.
    Good luck!
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