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  • Hi do you know is there any list of FV for bafang M500 with description? Which FV do you recommend? I need something with quite strong walk assistant. 36V and 18A this is my battery limitation.
    Hi. I have been sent revised M600 firmware from Bafang to try to correct the issues I am having with too much power on low assist and low power on high assist with version 46.3. I have tried to upload this to Github but no success. I have attached it so you might want to upload it. I am still waiting on my BESST tool to arrive to give it a try so can't attest to whether it is an improvement. Cheers


    • CRX10NC4818i132046.3-28-2230-boot3.x-15 35 55 75 100-20230303162323.bin
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