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Aug 10, 2018
Helsinki, Finland
I know there is no such thing as a good tyre for wet roots / rocks, but is there anything that's recommended?

Back in July, I broke 2 ribs by falling off a banana boat in Barbados (my brother in-law landed on me elbow first!). After a couple of weeks, I felt fine and was back golfing and cycling.
In October I went on an easy bike ride round some local paths and trails, and my front wheel slipped on a wooden path - causing me to come off and break 2 more ribs! Same side, but higher up. I was due to go on holiday 4 days later, and it meant I couldn't chuck the kids about in the pool, carry the cases and put a bit of a spoiler on the whole thing. It also hurt for a lot more than a few weeks!!

Since then, I've been mainly on roads, cycle paths and forest roads etc and taking it easy. The weather hasn't been great, and I haven't had as much time as I'd like - so some rides straight from the house and not getting filthy have actually been fine.

I went to Tarland Trails on Thursday, which was all nice smooth hardpacked tracks - on a lovely sunny dry day. Yesterday, I went into some local woods and was riding the damp trails as the rain fell on me.

Something I noticed quickly was how much my front tyre was slipping on roots / rocks, and how apprehensive I was about it. I ended up riding really slowly, and was continually getting ready to put my foot down whenever the front went. I've had Michelin Wild (not e-Wild) on my bike for about 3 years now, and have always found them great.
Now, I have the fear... I'm wondering if there is something better for wet that I can build up my confidence again with?
Hope you get well soon and kick the fear away.
Couple of tyres that are quite good on wet roots and rocks
- Magic Mary soft or super soft
- Continental Argotal Enduro or DH
- Maxxis Assegai MaxGrip


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Dec 14, 2019
3 roky sú príliš veľa, pneumatika je tvrdá.- toto je typický michelin (na autách je to isté) najazdené km na dlhé vzdialenosti, ale boby sú ako nové. stačí si kúpiť novú pneumatiku, ak sa vám páči michelin, kúpte si michelin znova
If you need something more.grippy,try magic marry
Sorry - I think you may have misled you on this...
I've been using Michelins for about 3 years... however I've been through multiple sets. They were replaced a couple of months ago.


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Apr 20, 2023
Sorry, my mistake. Weak basics of English :D


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