Rotor swap problem

Jeff McD

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Aug 5, 2018
Kona, Hawaii
Tried to change the brake rotor only while still using the OEM calipers on 2020 Levo with code RSC brakes, from theOEM SRAM 200 mm rotor to Shimano XTR rotor, part number RT-EM900. LBS brought the rotor in and also ordered the adapter to go with it- adapter part number is SM-MA-R203P/S. This adapter is so much taller than the OEM adapter I can't see how it would possibly fit. Wondering if it's the wrong one. I do remember someone stating that they had to order longer bolts. Does anybody who has done this swap have the part number of their adapter? Thanks.


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Nov 24, 2018
Wamberal, NSW Australia
Is the shimano 203mm rotor compatible with Sram calipers? I may be wrong but I thought the caliper mounts were different enough to make them not compatible and you need to use 200mm rotors with Sram brakes.



Jun 12, 2019
Brittany, France
These are the stock 180-200 sram mounts resting on top of the 180-203 shimano mounts from a 2019 Kenevo. Should be the same as what you have :


You should have these :

Shimano SM-MA-F203P/PM Adapter Front (180mm) to 203mm | Disc Adaptors Shop

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It looks like the taller one is for a 185/203 rotor. You won't be able to use it on a 200mm rotor as your caliper will sit too high and only half your pads will make contact with the rotor. If the xtr disc is 200mm you should be able to use original mount.


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Sep 22, 2019
Wirral, UK
Please forgive me if this is a silly question, but how do you use centrelock rotors instead of the 6 bolt type?
Is there a specific adapter to use with the Levo or something?
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Jeff McD

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Aug 5, 2018
Kona, Hawaii
Hey that's just great guys thanks for the help. Yes they got the wrong adapter. Part number is different. Thanks so much, Zimmer, for the great pics and link that explained it, and everyone else.
I really like R120's idea of just putting a 1 mm washer. I gots lottsa them just sitting in a jar waiting to be useful. I thought of that and asked, but the bike shop said no just get the right proper adapter. I'm just going to try the washer first.
The second picture that is attached shows the stock adapter on top which is shorter and the one the bike shop ordered in below, which is really too tall. Silly me had to go and open it and throw the packaging away presuming it would fit. At least I can return the second one for the front wheel which is still on order. Thanks again guys this form is great.



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That one would appear to allow a 6 bolt rotor to fit a centrelock hub
Are there adapters to go the other way? to fit a centrelock rotor to a 6 bolt hub?
I'm sure you won't be able to get an adapter to make spline rotors fit 6 bolt hubs as there is not enough room between the hub flange and the frame/forks. Im positive you will have to use 6 bolt rotors.

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