Reaction Hybrid Pro fork upgrade


New Member
Feb 19, 2023
Croatia, Europe
Done my first 500 kilometers on my Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 750 and I absolutely love it! I am riding on tarmac (commuting) but the best part is to go XC; uphill, fire roads, singletracks that are not to gnarly. Just to note, full suspension was out of my budget. Question is: The fork? Many mentions that standard xfusion fork very well might be the first thing that needs upgrade. What would be best bang for the money? Would entry level RockShox; i.e. Recon Silver RL or Judy Gold RL be enough to feel this difference? Lyrik is too much I presume (i am not sure if there is Lyrik with less then 140 mm travel, or if this is issue) ; but what would be option that makes sense by your opinion? If you have already done this upgrade, please share picture and how did this change your riding experience!

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