Powerfly vs Rail 9.7


Jun 1, 2019
Las vegas

Quick review of the rail 9.7.
My friend bought a rail 9.7 and I’m having the powerfully 9.7 from 2019.
At first, the color of the rail 9.7 is not appealing as it is dull gray and black for the U.S. Market. You will have to pay an extra $500 to get an exciting color.
Too bad I did not weight both bikes, sorry about that.
The Rail is rolling smoothly and thank you to the 29 inches wheel and the XR5 tire, which roll pretty well. For information, I put the front 29 wheel on my Powerfly and it is excellent, I’m going to switch to 29 on the front very soon. This is worth it for my riding style.

What is very different is the motor, the gen 4 looks very compact but it is a bit noisier than the Bosch gen 3 but the sound is different. Honestly, this is not a real problem, just a different sound and a bit louder for sure. I personally do not care of the noise.
I tried the Turbo mode on the gen 4, and It is a bit less jerky but still there. I did not notice any difference in toque or power to be honest but I was not expecting it.
The big plus is when you reach the speed limiter. When reaching the 20 mph (one slight downhill), you can hear the motor stopping and then magically it is easy to go faster without the resistance of the motor drag. It is like they built it with a clutch that disengages when you reach the governed speed. This is good.
The battery is bigger and did not get the opportunity to test the range, but I guess this is 25% more than the 500 Watts. Nothing magical there, just more watts.
Personally, I think the bigger improvement is the 29 wheel size and the new Bosch motor. This is a really good bike, too bad my Powerfly 9.7 is only 11 months old and can’t justify buying a new one.
Just let’s buy a new front wheel and switch to XR5 tires.

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