Newbie here looking for advice on new bike


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Nov 10, 2022
Hi everyone, I’ve started mountain biking 6 month ago with an entry level full suspension MTB, and now looking to upgrade.
I’ve set my eyes on EMTB as an option, because most of my rides are trail/enduro (there are no bike parks in my country 😔). One of my main reasons to choose EMTB over regular MTB is because I want to practice more downhill trails but I’m running out of steam after 2-4 laps (most of my rides are sub 30km for now).

As for budget I’ve got 4 options that seem to fit:
- Whistle b-rush (Bosch smart system Kiox 300, 750w battery)
- Bianchi eomnia fx type (Bosch EMTB system2, 625w battery)
- Marin alpine trail E1 (shimano ep7000 504w battery)
- Merida eone sixty 700 2021 (Shimano ep8, 630w battery)

The Whistle is the most heavy of them all (27 kg) and the Merida is the lightest (24kg) but it looks like the Whistle is the most value-for-money.

My main concern is that the Whistle will be too heavy for me (my weight is 63kg) as I’m still learning skills like bunny hop, wheelie, manual, etc… and especially that most of my learning was on 14kg regular MTB until now.

What do you think? Should I look for something lighter? Does 3kg really make a difference?

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May 7, 2020
Hi welcome
New into the sport the weight will definitely be something to consider
That being said you will get used to it
As for choices for me at least Bosch and the 625 as there still beta testing the 750 as far as im concerned that would be my choice but we are all different.