Battery charging/storage safety box


E*POWAH Master
Oct 17, 2021
So I guess everyone is just ignoring the (potentially) explosive lithium elephant in the room...
Well its more a case of the vast majority of bikes on here weren't cobbled together down some Chinese backstreet(no offence to the Chinese, they also make A1 class tech-nautical.aeronautical etc kit)
with a charger that may or may not work properly or be tuned to the battery system and a battery assembled by someones 70yr old Grandmother.

The vast majority, and by which I'm taking 99% of fires are on poorly constructed bikes above, and bought online from a company who'll probably be dissolved in 6 months.

Or just as worse, converted by someone with no experience of electrics or electronics, basically following for poorly translated instructions.

And I don't know how many times I've read that the fire started at 4 or 6am because it was left unsupervised, to do its thing overnight.

So it's not a case of the elephant in the room and more a case of a fox in the pantry.

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