1. K

    Help getting started - choosing the right one

    Hi every one Hate to be that guy with another tedious which bike question. But here I am. Sorry and thanks in advance. Bugdet is tight AF but I think I am comitted to going E as I never get out on my analog. Fitness wise I am in a terrible place and it is holding me back. I am 90kilo plus...
  2. The 2023 Orbea Rise gets a refresh - new batteries and motors

    The 2023 Orbea Rise gets a refresh - new batteries and motors

    We rode the Orbea Rise M10 and H30 a lot for 2023. The H-series with the aluminium frame was new for the 2022 season, and it got some upgrades over the older carbon M-series. Watch our videos to see what's changed, or keep reading below. Bigger and smaller battery The aluminium frame...
  3. Subby

    Instant engagement hubs on the Rise?

    There are two things I notice on my new Orbea Rise M10. The "glue effect" when you go over the 25 km/h limit (Europe), which I'm really not sure if it's motor drag or just the expected feeling you get after the support stops (this is my first E-MTB), and at about that speed as well, I can feel...
  4. V

    EXT Storia compatible with Orbea Rise size M?

    Hi! I’m considering installing an EXT Storia on my Orbea Rise M10 carbon size medium. Any return on true experience? Some frame incompatibility seems to have been reported on small/medium frames… thanks a lot!!
  5. S

    Frame bag that fits above the rear shock on the Orbea rise?

    I'm looking to capitalize on that large amount of space above the rear shock. I measured it as a 5x4 inch triangle. Hypothetically a very small bag of this size could fit tools, spare tube, phone, etc. Anybody running anything like this?
  6. S

    Orbea Rise Large maximum insertion (bought a 240mm dropper)

    So I have very very long legs for my height (6'1). I love to have the bike seat slammed to the frame when fully dropped as it makes the bike so much more manueverable. But then I have too much leg angle bend. Anyway I'm pretty sure my stock Large M20 came with the 150mm dropper post. Not being...
  7. I Do Blues

    Orbea Rise Videos

    A thread dedicated to posting videos of people shredding (or cruising) on the Orbea Rise. If you have a video that you made or like, I encourage you to share it here.
  8. M

    Orbea Rise New Owner - Motor noise - not the clunk

    Hey what’s up! This is actually my first e bike. As a cardio lover and long time mountain biker, I’m a 36 year old who recently got the itch and am super excited about this bike and the future of lightweight e bikes to go further, faster and just have fun! Been having a blast on this thing and...
  9. T

    Orbea Rise Issue

    Hi all, Ive had a Rise for less than a week, amazing bikes, lots of fun. Issue is, the chain ring has snapped, so the fun has stopped. its completley come off the crank, the inner part is still there, mounted to the crank and is still attached, and the whole outta peice has come off. anyone...