1. N

    From Mondraker Crafty to Orbea Wild

    Helloo hello I want to transition from my Mondraker Crafty to an Orbea Wild Pretty similar bikes I will try to demo the wild before Hesitating between the alloy and carbon version What are the cons, common problems on the wild ? Is this bike reliable, durable? Thanks in advane
  2. S

    Mavic E-Deemax 30 hub bearing help!

    I really need some technical help for my Mavic E-Deemax 30 front wheel It's on my 2023 Crafty RR. It has now ridden 400 km, and i have a squeaky front wheel, and there's water coming from inside the bearing. I usually service all my bikes myself, and it's bought online, so i don't really want...
  3. The Mondraker Dune is back for 2024

    The Mondraker Dune is back for 2024

    Dune, that’s a cool name. And just like the movie, the Mondraker Dune is out in it’s second iteration. The first Mondraker Dune was an enduro pedalbike released in 2009. Mondraker already have a long travel emtb, the Level. But they brought back the old name for the lightweight, mid-assist...
  4. S

    Fox 38 Knocking sound

    Hello Is this sound normal? Brand new Fox 38 160 Grip 2. Driven 20 km's 2023 Mondraker Crafty RR
  5. I

    Does weight really matter on full fats....?

    Hi All, My first post (but long time lurker!), so go easy.... Having been mtb'ing for years, i'm looking at now buying my first emtb. I've decided (pretty much) on full fat and have narrowed it down to 3 options... Whyte E160S (26kg+) Trek Rail 7 (24.7kg) Mondraker Crafty R (25.6kg) Left...
  6. 2022/23 Mondraker Crafty Carbon - a short review

    2022/23 Mondraker Crafty Carbon - a short review

    Bosch delivered a prototype bike so we could finally test the Bosch Performance CX Race motor. Attached to that motor was a Mondraker Crafty Carbon. The specs don’t correspond to any of the 2023 models, so we’ll just call it the Crafty. Riding this bike reminded us of how much we enjoyed riding...
  7. Brian422

    Bosch CX Error 523001…

    Hi all, just got a new Mondraker Crafty R, tried it quickly in Garden and was all good, got to our local trails and within 50m got Error 523001. Connected to app and found a bit more: Drive unit error - sensor system. Error in the speed sensor of the drive unit. Possible effects: Reduced...
  8. G

    Tasty Looking new Mondraker incoming

    This looks cracking I’m not in the market for a new bike I’m not in the market for a new bike I’m not in the market for a new bike
  9. S

    Opinions on 2020 Mondraker Crafty RR!

    Hi everybody ? I am looking at a secondhand 2020 mondraker crafty rr. 1600 km's on the odometer. I am use to running e-mtb's with Bosch gen4 and so on. My last bike was a 2021 cube 160 tm. Have any of you experienced problems with your mondraker of this model? I heard that the rear axle...
  10. L

    Volspeed v3 problem on bosch gen 4 motor

    Hi , ive got a mondraker E crafty R 2020 with the bosch gen 4 motor , ive just fitted a volspeed v3 chip , which worked great for the first 20 miles , now my bike has developed a fault , the motor is kicking in and out of power every revolution of the crank , i dont have any fault codes up on...