The Mondraker Dune is back for 2024

Intended Use
Enduro, Superenduro
Bosch Performance SX 55 Nm
400 Wh + optional 250 Wh extender
Fork Travel
170-180 mm
Rear Travel
165 mm
sub 20 kg
Starting at £6.799 / €7.999
Dune, that’s a cool name. And just like the movie, the Mondraker Dune is out in it’s second iteration. The first Mondraker Dune was an enduro pedalbike released in 2009. Mondraker already have a long travel emtb, the Level. But they brought back the old name for the lightweight, mid-assist version.

I haven’t ridden the bike yet, but Rob received one. Check out his video review and read on for my thoughts and an introduction of the lineup.

The motor​

Mondraker released a lightweight emtb not too long ago. I was surprised to see it came with the TQ motor; I would have guessed Bosch. This time I had learned, and I assumed the Dune had the same TQ HPR50 motor. So, it does of course come with the Bosch Performance SX 55 Nm. This is a more powerful motor with a claimed maximum power output of 600 W. That’s almost twice as much as the HPR50.

The LED panel integrated in the frame shows various info such as battery state of charge.
The 55 Nm Bosch Performance SX motor.
The Bosch Performance SX is in there.

Dune or Neat?​

Even though they’re both referred to as mild, mid-power or superlight bikes, they’re quite different. The Mondraker Neat is a shorter travel, lighter All Mountain style trailbike. While the Dune is an enduro, or even super-enduro bike. It makes sense making the shorter travel bike milder and lighter, I think.

What Mondraker has to say about the Dune vs the Neat.

Line-up and specs​

All 3 versions have the Bosch CompactTube 400 Wh battery that is non-detachable. The carbon frame has a bottle cage that can be swapped for the Bosch PowerMore 250 Wh range extender. Even though all versions have the same frame with 165 mm rear travel, there is a slight difference in frame geometry due to fork length. The more expensive Mondraker Dune XR comes with a 180 mm fork, the two others get 170 mm.

The Dune isn’t marketed as a Super Light bike. Mondraker calls it the latest addition to their light ebike range. The top-of-the-line Dune XR weighs in at 19.8 kg w/o pedals and bikes should be in stores as of now.

  • Mondraker Dune R £6.799 / €7.999
  • Dune RR £8.499 / €9.499
  • Dune XR £11.999 / €11.999
The Mondraker Dunes

Dune XR Specs
Dune RR specs
Dune R specs


Being a Mondraker designed for descending, it has of course got the long, low and slack “forward-geometry”. But I guess it could be lower. The seat tube length is 490 mm for size XL. That’s quite long for a bike with a 200 mm dropper seatpost.

As expected, the wheelbase too is long. Mondraker always made long frames with short stems. It’s 1.289 mm for size L and 1.260mm for the M. Being 181 cm (5’11) tall, I’ve been quite comfortable on size M on the Mondraker Crafty. Head angle is nice and slack at 64* for the two “cheaper” models while the Dune XR takes it down to 63,6*. Chainstays are surprisingly short at 445 mm. That’s 5 mm less than the lighter and presumably nimbler Neat.

The new lightweight Mondraker in the dunes.
2024 Mondraker Dune geometry
Riding hard... surfaces.

My thoughts​

There are many lightweight emtbs with around 140-150 mm travel available. And with the Mondraker Dune, we’re getting a few hard-hitting lightweights to choose between. The longtravel superlight emtbs never was super lightweight, and Mondraker doesn’t describe it as superlight.

It seems the industry is moving away from that name. I used to call them mild emtbs, and it seems “mid-power” is catching on. Regardless, sub 20 kg is light enough to offer a very different riding experience compared to the 24-26 kg full power emtbs. With the slack front and short rear end, the new Dune looks like a burly bike that can be maneuvered quickly and easily on the descents. And it’s very likely not a slouch on the flatter trails either.

The top-of-the-line Mondraker Dune XR
The entry Mondraker Dune R
And the Dune XR again

2024 Mondraker Dune RR
The dunes are a reoccurring theme for this launch.
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Tried an E Lyte recently. Motor was system was great. Tried a Heckler SL after and the motor system was not so well put together in my view but I liked the mullet set up. Maybe the Dune is the answer.

Probably getting my hopes up the Neat will soon be discounted as they seem to be different bikes. Though Trek must be undercutting the Neat a lot with heavily discounted Fuel Exes right now.

Can't wait to try one for sure.
150mm seatpost drop on an enduro bike with 170/180mm travel doesn't sound right to me.
I sent some inquiries to Mondraker and got a few details that may help anyone make an informed decision:

Seatpost maximum insertion depth:
  • Size S: 176mm
  • Size M: 216mm
  • Size L: 248mm
  • Size XL: 282mm
Also, per Mondraker support, "The bike is not intended to be used with rotors larger than 200mm". I don't know if that means that there is a clearance problem or if they just didn't test it with 220mm rotors and are covering their butts.
You need at least 235mm to slam a OneUP dropper post from my calculations, this seems to be a No Go for a DH inspired bike. Would take a Size Large just to fit the post.