1. Bosch 800 Wh battery & online battery check

    Bosch 800 Wh battery & online battery check

    The Bosch PowerPack 800 has been out in various online stores for weeks, and now the official Bosch press release finally reached us. The new Bosch Powerpack 800 is the old Powerpack 725, only with new cells. Good news, you might say, especially if you ride a cargobike with external batteries...
  2. Austin

    What is most important when designing an E Mountain Bike?

    For Context, I'm a university automotive and transport design student who has been given a brief to design an E-BIKE. I have chosen to target the E Mountain Bike performance market, and I thought it best to ask people in the space what is most important. Design Aesthetics? Weight? Handling...
  3. D

    Other Turbo Levo 2018 FSR all green battery lights on all the time and cannot change motor support

    Hi, I got a problem on my 2018 Turbo Levo FSR Comp: All green battery LEDs shine all the time when powered on. The battery SoC cannot be seen on the battery anymore because of that. The remote doesn’t work anymore and the bike stays in the last active support mode. Riding is not affected...
  4. Sean0711

    Rail (625Wh) Rail Battery handle

    Hi all, I’ve just had the frame replaced on my rail it’s a 2021 model so is the gen 2 frame. It has the 625 battery and they have replaced the cover. The handle is now floppy… I have another rail exact same year and model just a different colour. The battery handle is sprung loaded. Have they...
  5. E

    48v versus 36v

    If you have two batteries of the same capacity e.g. 800wh, will they be the same weight if one is 36v and one is 48v? Will the 48v one use more cells and be heavier?
  6. WBE-Linda

    The 9th World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE 2024)

    2024 World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE) 2024 World Hydrogen Energy Industry Expo (WHE) Date: August 8th-10th, 2024 Venue: 1st and 2nd Floor, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex Address: No.380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China Review of WBE 2023 Organized by...
  7. G

    Hey folks - Focus Jam2 battery issue (2018)

    Just wanted to say hello from Scotland. Interested to know if there is any experience of rebuilding batteries or retrofitting a new battery and BMS into an existing housing? I have a Focus Jam2 (2018) with a defective and totally dead battery and from what I can tell it is impossible to...
  8. B

    2023 E160 S Battery Insertion Issues

    Hi Guys, I got my first eMTB in the middle of April. Got myself a 2023 E160 S which I absolutly love, it's awesome. I am however having some difficulty with the battery and getting it to slide in and connect properly. I remove the battery for transport to reduce the weight of the bike up on my...
  9. M

    CYC Stealth Downhill Build - Need Ideas/Advice for Battery

    Here's the situation: I bought a 2019 Intense M16 Aluminum Downhill Bike I rode it for awhile as-is; nice bike, but I don't have lift access parks near me I recently ordered a CYC Stealth Gen 3 Motor Kit for it (should come in a few weeks from posting) SW102 display (will likely upgrade to...
  10. MMarcus

    Sold US: 2022 Specialized M3-500 Series Battery $600: Birmingham Alabama

    Picture Bike / Product Year: 2022 Manufacturer Specialized Model M3-500 Series Battery Asking Price $550 Location Birmingham Alabama Description Make a fair offer! Purchased a brand new Specialized Turbo Levo a couple of weeks ago, and I bought a larger battery as part of my deal. For...
  11. A

    Rail (750Wh) Trek Rail 9.8 xt gen 3 and rib issues

    I was going to buy a new Trek Rail 9.8 XT gen 3, but then I read about all the issues with the rib battery: rattling noise, power disconnection while riding, battery misaligned, etc I‘m really thinking about buying something else now, I don’t want to spend such a lot of money just to have random...
  12. What's new with the Giant 400 Wh battery on the lightweight Trance?

    What's new with the Giant 400 Wh battery on the lightweight Trance?

    It seems Giant forgot about emtbforums for the launch of the new and lightweight Trance X Advanced E+ Elite. Which I think is sad. At least it saved me the stress of figuring out how to fit such a long name into a headline. Much has been said about the bike by other media, but I wanted to look...
  13. N

    Levo Gen 3 Battery 320Wh

    Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbon So small battery? Others have 630Wh / 700Wh / 900Wh How many km?
  14. Coopertron9000

    Shimano e7000 - Power Cutouts & W013 errors (Solved)

    Hi All. I've written the below novel about my experience with power dropouts/cutouts on my Shimano Steps e7000 system. My bike is a Merida e160 5000 (2020). Hope you find it informative or whatever. I bought the bike second hand and was 100% fine for a year. I used it regularly for commuting...
  15. Dimke23

    Specialized turbo levo 2018 battery not charging

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the battery, which is that it won't charge, the battery accidentally attracted a metal object with its magnetic part while it was on and suddenly a spark was thrown on one of the contacts for a moment, the battery works normally after that, it can be driven...
  16. Time to ditch the battery key!

    Time to ditch the battery key!

    Emtbs have changed so much since they started appearing in any numbers. Five years ago, many emtb’s had wide plus-tyres and a frame mounted external battery with a key. The plus-tyres are gone, thankfully! The external batteries have pretty much disappeared too. But, the battery key is still...
  17. BonBond


    The E22 FRAME THREAD is amazing, nice people and a font of knowledge....but it's huge and unwieldy now. So, in an attempt to make specific information more accessible, I'm starting a new thread here (or a sub thread?), with links to the historical battery chat within the E22 Frame Thread...
  18. M

    Turbo Levo battery discharge by watching TV

    I need to discharge the battery for storage from 100% to about 50% on my Specialized Turbo Levo using purely electrical means, avoiding any drivetrain wear. I got a turbo levo battery cable (S206800004) then found that, bizarrely, the molded elbow is rotated 180 degrees from the way the bike's...
  19. E

    Rise—Hugely inconsistent battery life

    Battery variability is huge. I have a new orbea rise m10. I took it on three virtually identical rides. All 3800 ft of climbing and 27ish miles. First ride I had around 10% battery left (one bar but I had been in one bar for a while). Second ride I had 55% battery left (just had dropped into...
  20. E

    It's totally dead !

    Hi, Any help would be much appreciated. My Decoy Pro 29er has totally died. I used it for 10 mins on Friday. It had a full battery showing a range of 45 miles. No problems on a quick 5 minute test ride. I went to go for a long ride on Saturday afternoon and the bike wouldn't turn on. Nothing...