1. New Project - Bafang M400 trail bike ?

    New Project - Bafang M400 trail bike ?

    Apologies if you were expecting the third installment of my Bafang Ultra motor emtb's. Don't worry, you'll see them soon. However, I wanted to swing a leg ov...
  2. #BafangUltra FLX Blade - ? of the EMTB Hardtails

    #BafangUltra FLX Blade - ? of the EMTB Hardtails

    The 2nd Bafang Ultra M620 motor emtb at my disposal. we swing a leg over the FLX Blade. Truly an aggressive trail/Allm hardtail. 160mm Rockshox Pike with a 8...
  3. Bafang Ultra Trail bike

    Bafang Ultra Trail bike

    The 1st of many vids which will hopefully write wrongs in terms of misconceptions of the Bafang Ultra M620/G510 motor. Check it out ?
  4. Neeko DeVinchi

    Bafang Ultra and nothing but!!!

    I'll cut to the point, for any of you out there who has expressed concern that the Bafang Ultra M620/G510 motor has been severely overlooked in terms comparison videos and reviews which attempts to answer the question "which motor is more powerful", fear not, I've got this!!! I've put my...
  5. Neeko DeVinchi

    Neeko DeVinchi on EMTB FORUMS

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. Though I'd join EMTB Forums to see what the latest news, reviews and comments say. I'll do my utmost to aid in the advocacy for the sport so check out my YouTube channel for some of the craziest shenanigans I get up to. Hope to see all of you soon and...
  6. J

    Bafang from Norfolk

    Hi all, Just finished building a Bafang motored MTB. S/H Trek Rosco 7 frame, S/H Fox 34 forks, S/H wheels +tyres, new Shimano XT 8000 gearset etc. Just tried it for a short run yesterday, seems so smooth and stable....great! about £1300 all in... with a months wait from China.
  7. tomaszchrapek

    Looking for a perfect frame... please help!

    Hi guys! I've been riding a Bafang BBsHD motor fixed to a Trek Marlin - entry level MTB frame for over a year. Now, as I realized that this bike is mostly used on pavement within city and there's a little bit of flex in the frame when riding fast/putting a lot of power, on top of that the frame...
  8. H

    A Hypothetical for Compatibility Geeks

    Hello all, This is all hypothetical................. I have been looking into electric mini-bikes for a while now and have just stumbled upon a potentially good deal. A company call Bossbike ( - The electric bicycle company) sell them in Australia and have a deal on frame +...